Alphonse of 1939, Capone was set free

Alphonse Gabriel “Scarface” Capone is one of the most notorious American gangsters in history. Born in Brooklyn, New York on January 18th, 1899, his family lived in an apartment building with little money (Hornung 169). Capone was expelled from school at the age of 14 for hitting one of his teachers, this was his gateway into crime.

In November of 1920, Capone was hired by Johnny Torrio, the head of the Chicago Outfit, to be his bodyguard. About a year later, Capone moved to Chicago. Capone stayed around the same rank (Torrio’s right hand man) in the gang for about 4 years, when Johnny Torrio was shot and resigned he handed the Chicago Outfit all to Capone (Hornung 170).

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The Chicago Outfit’s trades of illegally smuggled alcohol, prostitution, and gambling, were just beginning. In 1928, Frankie Yale (another American mobster) was found dead. This assassination was ordered by Capone. On Valentine’s Day the next year, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred. Capone was on a mission to kill Bugs Moran, a head of a rival gang, but instead killed 7 of his gang members in cold blood (Hylton).

This prompted the government to focus on solving the problem of gang violence. Later that year, Capone purposefully got himself put in jail to escape multiple assassination attempts. Early that next year, Capone was set free. Capone’s downfall started later that year when he was found guilty of tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years at Alcatraz (Hylton).

2 years after he was in Alcatraz he was stabbed by a fellow inmate. And 3 years later he was moved from Alcatraz because his health was failing him. In November of 1939, Capone was set free from federal prison and was allowed to once again reunite with his family. Eventually, on January 25th, 1947, at the age of 48 inside his luxurious home in Florida, Capone passed away. Capone was very important to the 20’s and 30’s. He committed a massacre, debatably the worst in U.

S. gang history. He taught us that crime should never be the answer and that the government should put it’s foot forward and do whatever it can to put an end to gang violence. Capone led the most ferocious gang in possibly all of American history. He illustrated conflict in the 1920’s and 30’s because he owned a gang that was constantly brawling with other gangs.

His gang also showed some negative sides of 20’s and 30’s culture because they made money off of illegal alcohol and prostitution. Prohibition did not make it easy for Capone’s gang to smuggle alcohol and commit various crimes, but they did it anyway, and that’s why they will always be remembered in history.


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