All the Lovely Bad Ones Book Report Essay

In the beginning there are two kids, Corey and Travis who go to see their grandmother at an inn that used to be haunted. Their grandmother owns it now because the past owners died tragically.

When they first get there aren’t many guests. But there is a couple staying there “looking for ghosts”. They are a traveling ghost seeker couple. They saw the Inn on the “Most Haunted Hotels and Inns” So they decided to go there.

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Corey and Travis over hear them talking about how they want to see a ghost and if they do they’re going to get their entire ghost seeking friends to come to the Inn and stay. Corey thought it’d get their grandma more business so they decided that the couple would see a ghost. The next day Corey and Travis convinced the couple that they saw a ghost the night before in the grove at 3am.

The couple believed them and decided to wait for the ghost that night.So Corey and Travis rode their bikes to town and went to a Halloween shop and bought white and black face paint. They rode back to the inn and waited for night time. Around 230am Corey had white paint all over her face and black paint by her eyes making her eyes look just like sockets. She wore a long white night gown. They ran across the yard toward the grove.

Around 3am they saw the couples window shades open so Corey started mimicking a ghost. Corey threw her head back, pointed toward the couple’s window and shrieked as loud as she could then ran away.The next morning as they all went down the breakfast there were a few more couples and they had succeeded with the ghost thing so they kept doing it for a long time until there not the only ones doing it… Corey is my favorite character because she reminds me of what I would be like. She is a 11 year old girl who is kind of shy but outgoing. She decides to prank everyone because she’s smart and a chance taker obviously. She is a story teller and can always draw a crowd with her stories. She acts sweet around adults but is a rebel away from them.

The problem is that when Corey was pretending to be a fake ghost, she awakened a truly evil one and many little ghost children who warn her of what she has done after they prank and scare people. Corey woke up an evil spirit named Miss Ada. Miss Ada owned the Inn as a poor farm before it was an inn. She killed the children and stole people’s money and now she’s back, doing the same thing to the young souls again.

All the lovely bad ones told Corey and Travis that they needed to exercise Miss Ada and give them all a proper burial.Corey and Travis caught Miss Ada after she possessed Travis and tried to make him hang himself just like she did. The devil demon came and took her away.

It seemed scary but after Miss Ada was gone Travis and Corey arranged a proper burial for all the lovely bad ones. They took their little rocks and found their names and ages and got a huge headstone and put all their names on it and gave them what they wanted. They were finally at peace. The Inn at more business than ever and it all turned out great! I liked the book a lot! I defiantly recommend this book to others!


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