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All mythologies explain something. There’s always a reason to explain everything, like why the sun rises every day or sets at night. Why is the sky blue? Why is there thunder or lightning? People way back when had to have a reason for all of this, so they came up with myths.

Myths explain why things are the way they are. There are plenty of differences and similarities between different mythologies, but what are the differences and similarities of the Norse and Greek.First, let’s start off with the similarities of their gods or deities. The Greek god Zeus is the leader of the gods and go of the sky and lightning. He is analogous to the Norse gods Odin and Thor. Odin is the leader of the Norse gods and Thor is the god of lightning and thunder. Another similarity between these two mythologies is Aphrodite and Freya. Aphrodite, a greek goddess, is the goddess of love and beauty while the Norse goddess Freya is also the goddess of the same things.

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There are some differences between these two mythologies, including the Greek god Janus. Janus is the god of beginnings, while in Norse mythology they don’t have a god for beginnings.They also had some similarities in their afterlife beliefs.

The Greek believed that when someone died and arrived in the underworld, that the dead person would be judged. If someone had committed a crime against the gods they would be sent to the Fields of Punishment, if they lived an ordinary life and had a quotidian death they would be sent to Asphodel Meadows, if they were seen as a hero then you would be sent to Elysium. There were also three realms of the dead in Norse mythology. When they died in battle or as a hero they were either sent to Valhalla or Folkvangr. If someone died any other way they were sent to Helheim.

The creation story in Greek mythology is very different to the Norse creation myth. In Greek mythology the gods didn’t engender the universe, they were created by the universe. The gods were children of Gaea and Uranus. In Norse mythology, the gods were responsible for building the universe. Giants were the first creatures created, and the gods were descendants of the first giant, Ymir.

The gods killed Ymir and made the earth, sky, and everything in them from his body. There were also some similarities between their heroes, the Greek hero Odysseus and the Norse hero Sigurd. They are both brave and loyal.Although, there are many similarities between these two cultures they also have differences.

Even with differences all of these mythologies explain something. They explain why things in life are the way they are. Now that we know that these myths don’t really explain anything, they’re great for entertainment.

They’re great stories to read in our free time as long as we don’t go off and start believing them.


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