Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Alien from Earth Essay

Alien from Earth Essay

In the Alien from earth, I believe that a completely new type of species was discovered that is at most a distant cousin to humans. Because they resemble humans in the way they look and the way they move around, use tools, hunt, etc. , it is easy to try to fit them into our human evolutionary time line. Because we are seeing the world through our own perspective, the first thing to do is see all that is similar and decide where that fits in relation to us.

I believe there are many reasons to think this is another species. The simple number of things that “don’t make sense” if we view homo floresiensis through a human perspective is the first warning flag, even though it isn’t a scientifically provable reason. This specimen breaks many of the “rules” that science has believed, such as the smaller brain capable of tool-use and other complex thought, the general size decrease instead of increase, and the time frame that it lived.

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We are forced to either re-think the way we see what we believe to be a nearly linear evolution, or we must believe that these are either a completely different species. While the island effect had never been observed for a human, of course it can’t instantly be discounted. But I find it difficult to believe that the island effect would take a typical homo erectus and cause the exact changes to it that would be needed to allow it to both fit with and have the same overall proportions as australopithecus.

It would seem to defy the odds for this to happen. Therefore I believe that homo floresiensis is a completely new species, and while may be a branch of our family tree as homo sapiens it is far distant. I think theses remains were maybe not a branch off our own human family tree but an entirely different class of creatures. I know this reason is vary fantastic but its my perspective.

I believe that with all the tests that were done trying to figure out where these fit into the overall evolutionary structure, the determination that there was no disease or other pathological difference, and the lack of a trail directly to any other species as we know it leads to the probability that this particular branch of evolution goes back even further than we may yet be thinking. They could even possibly be an earlier step that never died out completely, as they fit much better earlier on in evolution.