Alexa next step to configuration Alexa widget

Alexa rank services generally for the bloggers who want to embed Alexa Rank Widget on their blog, and want to improve his blog. There are so many improvements I have seen when some blogger putting Alexa rank widget on his blog, and they are still improving. Most of the time it works for all the blogger.So, basically, Alexa rank widget gives you the best platform to keep the exact count of your blog visitors at same time. If you have added them to your website, you can easily get better performance and improve your blog with help of them.Guys I highly recommended you to try this one on your blog if you want to make a user-friendly interface from Alexa widget, it is very better for every blogger.

Let’s talk about another question you will face about the Alexa rank widget.1. How to add Alexa rank widget on your word press?Yeah, this is first question comes in our mind, so guys I frankly telling you that yes you can easily use and access by your word press, In the word press there are available many plugins when you search over there, but make sure go through the Alexa Rank Widget, search it over there on plugin section, you can find this and guys this Alexa widget is absolutely free and user-friendly. Just go for it.2. How to activate and how to use Alexa widget?Guys when you successfully downloaded on your word press (given above) account, then what’s next? YesNext step to activate this plugin on your blog, so, guys I am frankly telling you that you can easily activate them with one click.

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Yes, you head right. For activation go onto your word press widget section, drag your Alexa rank widget to your blog sidebar (showing in your left side panel). That’s it.Now you have successfully got your widget and added this to your website.3. Are you confused how to configure Alexa widget?Yeah, right here you don’t have to worry about the configuration process.

After the activation has done next step to configuration Alexa widget with your domain. Now, after activation has completed and also dragged in your blog, replace the default domain name with your existing domain name. After given such details and fill them properly, give your email address for your configuration. Make sure your email address domain address should include in your email address.

If you don’t know how to create a domain for your blog, highly recommend to see my article How to create a domain name for your website ¬†


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