Alcohol Debate Essay

Alcoholism Alcoholism is one of the major problems of the government nowadays.

People who are under the influence of alcohol tend to lose their consciousness. A huge number of battered spouses and children, road accident damages and victims of drunk driving are all caused by this evil factor in the society. The only way to avoid these incidents is to make alcohol illegal. Even if it really helps a country’s economy, there are a lot of other ways to make it happen.

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After liquors are banned, then crimes will automatically decrease.There are no drunk drivers who will kill an innocent person any time. No wives and children will be hurt and killed by a mad spouse because of alcohol. Realizing these issues is the only way for a person to stop the consumption of alcohol and to prevent addiction. Debate 1) only one or two drinks can impair your judgement and coordination needed to safely operate a car. some short term effects of alcohol are reduced inhibitions, loss of muscle control, memory loss or blackouts, nausea, vomiting, headaches, hangovers, and stupor (which is acting seriously disoriented and confused).The longer a person abuses alcohol the closer they get to becoming an alcoholic, which is a person addicted to intoxicated drinks. 4) Drunken individuals are four times more likely to lose their temper and six times more likely to commit an act of violence.

Alcohol is the major cause in thousands of suicides and murders each year. 27% of drivers under 21 reported that they drove drunk at least once last year. In 2001, there were 1482 alcohol related deaths of college students in the united states. These numbers would go down if we banned alcohol.These are percentages for wet county vs.

dry county. There is 110% more crime in wet counties. (http://drysharpcounty. org) 122% more murder in wet 96% more rape in wet 326% more robberies in wet 127% more aggravated assault in wet 61% more burglaries in wet 29% more thefts in wet 86% more motor vehicle thefts in wet 205% more arson in wet 142% more negligent manslaughter in wet 27% more simple assault in wet 120% more stolen property in wet 92% more vandalism in wet 90% more weapons violations in wet 29% more DUI’s in wet 06% more drunkenness in wet Studies have shown a link between memory loss and excessive drinking of alcohol. I can tell you that during the late stages of Alcoholism I did suffer from memory loss and very bad depression.

Alcohol has been proven to be a depressant and the more you drink the worse the depression becomes. Arguments * With 1 drink or 2, it has effects such as loss of muscle control, memory loss, and it’s a extreme danger while driving. 1.

Just a couple of ‘shots’ can affect your coordination and driving. 2.Effects are reduced inhibition, loss of muscle control, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, headaches, hangovers, and disoriented.

3. The closer the person becomes an alcoholic; it becomes addict to intoxicated drinks. * Drunken guys are four times likely to be violent (statistics) 1. There are studies that becoming drunk, are 4 times more likely to adapt a bad temeper and to six times to commit an act of violence. 2.

Also it is known as the major cause of suicides and murders. 3. For example, in 2001, there were 1500 deaths of college students. 4. Every year, 2. 5 million people die while drunk.

1 from 2800 people die.


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