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Albert inspectorate great potential for being a

Albert Einstein

attending this module,  I thought I
presumably  knew everything about the
inspector’s mission mainly those  tasks that
are related to evaluation and training . This general presumption emanated from
my experience  as a teacher trainer and my
chat with in-service inspectors .

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Certainly ,
the idea that I had about the inspector’s mission  is not thorough .Inspection is not as simple
as I perceived .Metaphorically speaking it is like an iceberg;  Only a small
percentage of the whole iceberg is visible above the surface , the huge
mass of it remains below the surface. Similarly ,
people in general know just a little bit about the inspector’s mission . To get
a sense of  what constitutes this mission
, one needs academic learning , training , and on top of all field work .

complexity of the role of the inspector emanates from his position at the
critical interface between positional power and authority on the one hand , and
the practical  field work   on the
other . Accordingly , the inspector  is
deemed as a catalyst for the improvement of educational outcomes .She or he is
entrusted with the significant responsibility of ensuring that quality education
is being imparted and maintained  in all
schools across the country .

It is
important to recognize the inspector’s functions as supportive agent for
decision making who offer their observations , their interpretations experience
and judgement to serve institutional purposes.

This bridging
position across the spheres of educational activities , gives the inspectorate
great potential for being a major practical contributor  in preparing , communicating , implementing
and steering the national educational endeavour .This feature of the
inspector’s role is apt to make their role complex.

It is
important to have inspectors who are not only professionally and
administratively competent , but who are also conscientious , devoted and ready
to shoulder the weighty responsibility for the success of the whole educational
system.This demands a mature personality and and a genuine will to lend a
helping handand give unassuming help in an attempt to promote responsible
educational help .

It is of
paramount importance for an education officer to possess certain general
knowledge , skills and attitudes . ( class management techniques , , a broad
view of methodological approaches , , judging teaching and not teachers ,
seeing what is missing , giving feedback should be sensitive and sensible and
constructive , making critical points constructively , acknowledging and
respecting effort .Clear expression in speaking and writing , say what you mean
and mean what you say asking the right questions , effective notetaking ,
appropriate interpretation of what has been observed .

inspector  , by virtue of her or his
pervasive functions , can profitably become an agent of change , a catalyst at
all levels of decision –making in education through her or his first –hand
experience with the practicalities of classroom work , she or he can detect
needs which are common to a number of teachers .

Bearing this
complexity and importance in mind a thorough analysis of the inspector’s
mission is of paramount importance . By and large , this analysis aims to place
their mission in the comprehensive context of national educational efforts . As
an inspector trainee , becoming aware of the various expectations imposed by
particular functions and roles will certainly give me guidelines which will
help me do my job adequately .

philosophy under which the trainee inspector will operate answers basic questions
such as what to do  and how  in order to  get  a
taste of the key tasks that we have to perform  , as well as the knowledge ,  skills and abilities required to competently
perform our mission is of a crucial importance .

Seen from a legal standpoint ,
inspection is an instrument with which political and administrative authorities
maintain a necessary contact with teachers .

Contrary to popular beliefs ,
inspection does not aim at finding faults , 
and  catching teachers red-handed
.Conversely it can be conceptualized as overseeing , which involves directing ,
controlling ,  reporting , commanding , and other such
activities that emphasize the task at hand , and assess the extent to which
teaching and learning have been accomplished .Inspection that is conducted with
this view in mind may be effective in facilitating educational quality .

The decree N 2001-2348 issued on
October 2nd ,2001 stipulates that the inspector is entrusted with a
myriad of roles and missions .This can be described graphically as follows;