Aids 5 Essay Research Paper AIDSAcquired immune

Aidss 5 Essay, Research PaperAcquired immune deficiency syndromeAcquired immune lack syndrome, or AIDS, is a laterecognized disease.

It is caused by infection with the humanimmunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) . AIDS is a complicated unwellness that mayaffect several stages. It is caused by a virus that can be passed fromindividual to individual.

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AIDS impairs the human organic structure & # 8217 ; s immune system & # 8211 ; thesystem is responsible for guarding off disease & # 8211 ; and leaves the victimsusceptible to assorted infections.AIDS was foremost once and for all identified in the United States in 1981,when 189 instances were reported to the Centers for Disease Control. Within adecennary the disease had spread to virtually all populated countries of the universe.In the United States entirely there are about 65,000 new instances every twelvemonth. Thebeginning of the AIDS virus is unsure, but it may hold originated in CentralAfrica.The first AIDS patients in the Americas and Europe were aboutentirely male homophiles. Later patients included those who usedunsterilised endovenous acerate leafs to shoot drugs ; haemophiliac ( individuals with ablood-clotting upset ) and others who had received blood transfusions ;females whose male sexual spouses had AIDS ; and the kids of parentswith AIDS.

However since 1989, heterosexual sex was found to be thefastest turning agencies of transmittal of the virus, with 90 per centum of thenew instances coming from heterosexual sex.How AIDS Is SpreadAIDS is transmitted by direct contact of the blood stream with organic structurefluids that contains the AIDS virus, peculiarly blood and seeds from anHIV-infected individual. The virus is normally transmitted through assorted signifiersof sexual intercourse, the transfusion of virus-contaminated blood, or sharingin HIV-contaminated endovenous acerate leafs.The AIDS virus can non come in integral bodily surfaces, such as tegument, andrapidly perishes outside the human organic structure.

AIDS is non spread by insouciantphysical contact or by sneezing. The virus has been found in cryings andspit, but it is at that place in such low sums that transmission from these organic structurefluids is highly rare. There are no known instances of AIDS transmittal byinsects or by domestic animate beings. Surveies show that the virus is normally passedto an baby stopping point to or during bringing. Recently infected female parents cantransmit the virus to their childs through chest milk.

Detection and TreatmentFollowing infection with HIV, an person may demo no symptomsat all or may develop little unwellnesss. The period between initial infectionand the development of AIDS is presently changing between six months andeleven old ages. Normally, when the AIDS virus enters the blood stream. theorganic structure & # 8217 ; s immune system produces antibodies to contend the micro-organisms.Blood trials can observe these antibodies and hence can demo exposure tothe virus. However, these trials sometimes give incorrect readings and merelyget down giving right information within two hebdomads to three months afterinfection. Scientists do non cognize precisely how the AIDS virus amendss theimmune system, they besides do non understand why the natural antibodiesdeveloped to destruct the virus are non effectual.

By 1987 the drug azidothymidine ( AZT ) had proved effectual indecelerating the reproduction of the HIV virus in worlds, but it is extremely toxicand can non be taken by many patients. In 1989 research workers determined thatlower doses of AZT would be effectual and less harmful for patients thathave early symptoms of AIDS and for childs with AIDS. Dideoyinsine ( DDI )was approved in the United States in 1991 for the intervention if HIV infection.This drug is a utile replacing for AZT and is used in childs and otherpatients for who AZT is excessively toxic. In 1992 dideoxycytosine, or DDC, became the3rd approved drug to handle people infected with the AIDS virus. It was,nevertheless, approved for usage merely in combination with AZT to handle grownups withadvanced HIV infection. Several other drugs and interventions have beenapproved to handle P. carinii pneumonia, Kaposi & # 8217 ; s sarcoma, and other AIDS-related conditions.

Several vaccinums against AIDS are being developed andtested.Attempts at PreventionSince there is no remedy for AIDS instruction and hazard decrease remainthe most powerful tool in the battle against AIDS. Because there is merely afew ways of conveying AIDS, the farther spread of AIDS could virtually bestopped by avoiding behaviours that put a individual at hazard. Education can assistto accomplish this. There are several ways to cut down the spread of AIDSthrough sexual contact. These include practising abstention & # 8211 ; no sex & # 8211 ; orpractising safe sex. Practicing safe sex agencies by holding sex with oneindividual in which both people are free of HIV, or utilizing a latex rubberwhenever prosecuting in sex.

In March 1983 the major U.S. blood-banking organisations startedprocesss to cut down the likeliness of HIV transmittal by inquiring people atincreased hazard of AIDS to halt donating blood. They expanded testingprocesss so that people with a history if hazardous behaviour or with symptomsof AIDS could non give blood.What Happens After InfectionMost people late infected expression and experience healthy. In some peoplethe virus may stay inactive, and these people are bearers, they seemhealthy but are still able to infect others.

After a few old ages, some peoplemay develop AIDS-related complex, or ARC. Its symptoms include febrility,weariness, weight loss, skin roseolas, a fungous infection in the oral cavity known asthrush, deficiency of opposition to infections, and conceited lymph nodes.Sometimes the symptoms disappear, but the unwellness normally goes on to goAIDS. Though it may take every bit much as 20 old ages for the virus to goAIDS, the mean clip is one to two old ages.

The AIDS virus causes so much harm to the immune system that theorganic structure normally becomes more able to acquire a assortment of infections. Infectionsthat are harmless to people with normal immune systems but that can belethal to those people with the AIDS virus. The mean life chance for anAIDS victim from the clip that symptoms get down to demo is one to five old ages.Public consciousness of this disease bit by bit built up as more well-thought-ofvictims began to decease: histrion Rock Hudson ( 1985 ) , clothes interior decorator PerryEllis ( 1986 ) , choreographer Michael Bennett ( 1987 ) , photographer RobertMapplethorpe ( 1989 ) , and Oscar-winning manager Tony Richardson ( 1991 ) .When hoops ace Magic Johnson announced in 1991 that he hadacquire the AIDS virus, the feeling spread quick that anyone, non merely selectedgroups of people, could be at hazard.The lone manner of halting this disease is by instruction. Everyone mostprotect themselves and their spouses, when holding sex, if they do non desire toacquire HIV.

Besides retrieve nil can do sex 100 % safe. The lone mannerto maintain yourself wholly safe from AIDS and other STDs in by non holdingsex.


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