Agrippina the Younger – Rome a symbol of strength Essay

Rome a symbol of strength. authorization and prosperity for many. go forthing no uncertainty in modern historiographers ideas that this Utopia was one of the most outstanding of the ancient era’s. One dynasty within this era stands out. as being one of the most provocative and influential was the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

This period was introduced with the abetment of the emperor Julio Augustus. known as one of the most apprehended emperors in Roman history. After Augustus came the swayers Tiberius.

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Gaius Germanicus ( Caligula ) . Claudius and Nero.With every new swayer the sum of power and wealth in the metropolis swelled. some even say that it was the aureate age of Roman literature and humanistic disciplines.

Each of these power broker’s have one individual in common. apart from imperial extravagancy and ill fame. they all have felt the sting of Julia Agrippina’s manipulative powers ( The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2013 ) . When analyzing Agrippina it is found that many of the beginnings do non retain a sympathetic position of the During the Julio-Claudian epoch Agrippina the younger merely retained her power through the use of her boy.

hubby and equals.By making this she made herself on the most powerful adult females in Rome. Turning up with the most loved general in Rome at that clip. Agrippina was destined for illustriousness. In her teenage old ages the too bad incident of her male parents go throughing occurred and the imperium was left to Tiberius. during this clip she was betrothed to Domitius Ahenobarbus. which she finally bore a kid with called Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus.

Most beginnings province that she was forced into this matrimony by the emperor Tiberius. a fact that is acknowledged by modern historian Donna Hurley when she states that Agrippina’s brotherhood with Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus was arranged by Tiberius.

After this Hurley so goes on to province that it was pattern for households of prominence in the opinion house to hold the emperor arrange their matrimonies. which would explicate why Agrippina was married at the stamp age of 13. This period was likely one of the most controversial in Agrippina’s clip as it instigated her feeling that those in power were the 1s with the most influence.Ask any of the historiographers of the Julio Claudian epoch how Julia Agrippina was able to come to such excessive power. each will give you a different reply.

but they all start with Agrippina’s relationship with her brother. By honouring his sisters Gaius Germanicus Caligula was reprimanded and made an easy mark. These awards gave the three sisters alone position. they included ; doing them honorary vestal virgins. inclusion in the one-year vows for the commitment to the emperor and the emperors safety. inclusion of in the preamble to proposals submitted to the senate. being depicted on coins and many other.An history.

now considered improbable to be true. is mentioned by Suetonius [ in 1914: Twenty-four ] . “He ( Caligula ) lived in accustomed incest with his sisters… he is believed to hold violated Drusilla when he was a minor” . The more realistic option is explored by Barrett. which states “ Caligula would hold looked for fondness from his three sisters… it was doubtless this fondness that led to narratives of incest with all three sisters” . This appeared as an chance for Agrippina to pull strings her manner to going an influential power agent in that epoch.Agrippina’s sister Drusilla was Caligula’s front-runner. and when he fell badly he instantly made her his inheritor.

nevertheless this abetment was evaded as she died out of the blue in AD 38. hence Caligula reaped with heartache deified his darling sister doing her the lone adult female to be deified in the Julio Claudian epoch. The contention commenced when Agrippina’s hubby. Domitius. died and the two staying sisters conspired against Caligula. whom at the clip was turning rather timeworn. This confederacy was set about so the household could keep back its power and influence in the democracy.Again.

as before with Caligula the sisters were thought to hold been involved in sexual dealingss with their brother-in-law. Marcus Lepidus. who harmonizing to Peter Roberts ( 2013. 165 ) was made inheritor in topographic point of Drusilla.

Puting his religion in the incorrect adult male. Caligula finally discovered a secret plan created by his much loved siblings and his beloved inheritor to acquire rid of him so as to do Lepidus the new emperor. whilst refunding the trueness of Agrippina and her sister by leting them to maintain their position as when Caligula reigned.Due to the emperor’s sensitiveness to confederacies. the emperor finally took attentiveness of their program and sentenced Lepidus to be put to decease whilst directing Agrippina and her sister into expatriate to the Pontian Islands.

The thought that Agrippina was hold oning for power even so is backed up by the modern historiographer. Leadbetter. in his novel ‘The Ambition of Agrippina the Younger’ when he writes “Agrippina and Lepidus had formed a confederacy to replace Caligula… Thus Agrippina’s first effort at prehending power long predated her matrimony to Claudius” .Caligula’s turning greed was going a concern to the senate. and although they disapproved of him they offered him compassion so as to derive his trust. Finally the Praetorian Guard was sent to dispose of him ( Roberts. P.

2008 ) . Claudius. Agrippina’s uncle.

is largely known for his eventual insanity. nevertheless many do non retrieve his utmost kindness to those whose religion had been entrusted unto him. When he assumed power his first class of action was to reinstate his two nieces back into the Roman community.

His married woman. named Messalina. assumed the same pattern as Agrippina. and protected her ain involvements by disassociating her sick and clip exhausted hubby and joined C. Silius. following old ages appointed consul.

in matrimony. This. like Agrippina was executed to guarantee her fiscal and societal safety. This resembles the aforesaid confederacy between the two sisters and Lepidus. Agrippina placing this attack unashamedly begins to chat up with her uncle and workss the idea of Messalina’s treachery in his head. It was non long after this that the Praetorian Guard was sent to dispose of her.Due to Agrippina’s obvious flattery towards the shriveled emperor did non travel unnoticed and Claudius who was expected to marry once more shortly take his niece as he new bride. This created some uncomfortable tenseness in the senate.

which arranged all imperial matrimonies. since it was forbidden to get married your niece. This nevertheless was overlooked since Agrippina’s father even so was still seen as an inspiration in the imperium and would give the emperor favour of the people. The matrimony besides prevented Agrippina from marry another challenger for the throne. therefore extinguishing any competition.

After the two relations were engaged a edict was passed to let the marriage between uncle and niece. a fact which is enforced by Cassius Dio in his book Roman History when he states “they [ the senators ] besides passed a decree permitting Romans to marry their nieces. a brotherhood antecedently prohibited” . Like Messalina.

Claudius showed the extreme captivation towards his new married woman and granted her many extravagancies. some which were merely reserved for Goddesses. The most interesting is the five- superimposed sardonyx which depicts Claudius. Agrippina and her parents.This would hold displayed to the populace that the matrimony of the emperor and his niece has kept a pure blood line and therefore is the better option for emperor. it besides confirms the positive relationship between the much loved warrior and the emperor. Another interesting privilege for Agrippina is the ‘Sebasteion of Aphrodisias’ where a statue of her has been put in topographic point.

This was a temple created for the Gods and was put emplace for Augusts ( Antiquity 2. 2008 ) . This would make the image that Agrippina should be likened to the Supreme beings and should be merely as outstanding in clip as Augustus.Agrippina had such power of Claudius that she manipulated him to take in her boy Domitius Ahenobarbus and do him heir to the throne. Claudius besides changed his name to the better-known Nero Claudius Caesar.

Agrippina was able to make prominence for Nero through the much used tactic backing. which included the usage of contacts and influence to accomplish an aim. In Agrippina’s instance her boy to go emperor ( Antiquity 2. 2008 ) . These contacts. or clients. would help the frequenters by back uping and fostering the cause of the frequenter.Agrippina’s clients were Seneca.

1 who she had recalled from expatriate. and Burrus who she had made exclusive prefect. an ordeal which is seen in ‘The Annalss of imperial Rome’ written by Tacitus which states These two work forces were expected to make whatever Agrippina wanted.

and were expected to help in hers and her boies rise to power. There is much difference over whether Agrippina was responsible for the decease of Claudius. the more likely thought is that she did kill him as it is stated by both Tacitus and Dio Cassius.

When this ordeal was over. Nero was claimed the new emperor and to Agrippina’s delectation was sculptured once more in the ‘Sebasteion of Aphrodisias’ with Nero by her side. During Nero’s reign Agrippina was offered even more advantages so when Claudius reigned. She become priestess of Claudius’ cult and was offered two lictors. who were work forces which carried around the official emblems of the public office and would unclutter a way for her wherever she went ( Antiquity 2.

2008 ) . However this did non fit the sparkling sum of coins that were minted with the female parent and boy to expose the family’s power.In AD 69 the saddened happening of Agrippina’s death surfaced. It was evident.

although non to the wider country of Rome. that Nero was responsible for her decease. It seems that Nero had grown tired of his female parents commanding ways and decided that the lone manner he would be rid of it was to kill her. Agrippina was an independent strong held adult female in a clip where females were down trodden. She was non afraid to prove the system and remained one of the most outstanding adult females in the clip of imperial Rome.


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