Aggressive Behavior Equals Many Rewards Research Essay

Aggressive Behavior Equals Many Rewards Essay, Research PaperAggressive Behavior Equals Many RewardsA small male child in Eastern Oklahoma is siting a bike for the first clip, when all of a sudden he falls to the land. His male parent running behind him tells him to acquire up and non to shout. A small miss from the same metropolis is playing on the resort area at school ; she falls out of the swing and scraps her articulatio genus.

She cries for hours, while her female parent tells her, It will be O.K. . From the clip small male childs are immature they are taught to be tough, to defy hurting, and non to give in to anything. In today s society males are rewarded for aggressive and daunting behaviour.

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Intimidation takes topographic point in many facets of life, even though it is non ever caused by aggressive behaviour.Athletic events ever seem to honor males for aggressive and daunting behaviour. Football games are a great illustration of the sorts of wagess males receive for their aggressiveness. Coaches teach their participants to be physical and tough, but two of the indispensable elements of football are aggressiveness and bullying. Football is an aggressive athletics in many ways ; a ball bearer must assail the line of scrimmage sharply, or he will be tackled in the backfield. Defensive participants must be aggressive besides, so that they can do tackles.Basketball is another athletic event that rewards aggressive behaviour. Although hoops seems harmless, it is a athletics that requires a enormous sum of aggressive behaviour.

When I was younger, before basketball game I would ever acquire a ginger talk from my pa. He would state me to be aggressive and to take the ball indoors. He ever told me to play tough, work hard for recoil, play good defence, and when person came into the pigment makethem pay for it. Our hoops managers in junior high taught us that when a participant came inside the pigment, strike hard them down and following clip they would non be every bit eager to take the ball indoors on us. When we would exhibit this behaviour we would be rewarded with a rap on the dorsum, a high five, and sometimes even a H2O interruption.It seems like every clip the telecasting is turned on, there are at least three wrestling plans traveling on at one time. At one clip, wrestle was on the telecasting merely one time a hebdomad, but now it is on three or four times a hebdomad.

The evaluations for the Stationss that show wrestling have skyrocketed, and some have even had better evaluations than 20/20, or Monday Night Football.Intimidating behaviour is non merely rewarded in the athleticss universe, but besides in the military, in political relations, and in the work force. Military leaders must utilize aggressive techniques to maintain order in the universe.

Political leaders must be aggressive in their candidacy, so that they will be noticed and respected by the populace. Aggressiveness is besides necessary in the work force to have publicities, meet deadlines, and run a concern.Aggressive or intimidating behaviour is seen in many different parts of life: athleticss, the military, concern, and even political relations. Some of the wagess that are given for this behaviour may be questionable, such as ; puting professional athletes up on a higher land doing them seem superhuman, or electing a campaigner into office non because he is more qualified for the occupation than the other campaigners, but because he is more aggressive or intimidating. Though many of these wagess are apparently harmless, such as ; allowing kids wear wrestling jerseies or the attending and regard that is given to an aggressive high school football or hoops squad.


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