Ages of Tourism Essay

Pre- Industrial Revolution As early as 300 BC the Phoenicians also called the Canaanites or Sidonians were one of the first real travelers. Trade, Commerce and food supply were what motivated them to travel. Also the Romans travelled to Shrines, seaside resorts and different attractions of their time in Egypt and Greece. Most medieval travel was religiously related. They also travelled to visit the pyramids, sphinx and the valley of kings. The Roman Empire provided a safe passage for travelers through a vast road system from Egypt to Britain.The Railway Age Prior to rail travel tourist travelled by horse and carriages.

Railroads played a major role in the development of the United Nations, Canada and several other countries. The railroads brought changes in the lodging industry, as taverns and turnpikes gave way to hotels near the railway stations. In 1830 in the United States the first rail way was built.

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Railroad carts had excellent dining cars and sleeping berths to ensure that the passengers were comfortable.Employment within the coach travel sector is seasonal The operation of coach companies are often forced to lay off drivers and staff out of season, unless they can obtain sufficient charters or contract work (such as school bussing), useful for the coach companies. Most coach companies specialize in routes and travel activity as many operates their tours nationally while others concentrate on serving the needs of incoming tourists and tour operators by providing excursion programs , transfers between airports and hotels or complete coach tours for overseas visitors.Railroads continued to extend their lines into the twentieth century until the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II.

These events caused a decline in railroad usage and eventually led to the invention of the automobile. The freedom of the open road gave automobile travel a competitive advantage over train travel. The Automobile Age Production of automobiles began in 1891. Automobile started from steamed engines in the late 1800s when Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daniler built a factory for internal combustion engines, which is now Mercedes Benz.There was now a great increase of tourism opportunities because the automobile made more much more places accessible to a lot more people. Undoubtedly, the increase in private car ownership has done more to change travel habits than any other factor in tourism. It has provided families in particular with a new freedom of movement and increases the opportunities for individual to take day excursions as well as longer trips.

On the other hand there are also disadvantages when one chooses to travel using the automobile route.Some of these disadvantages are; the cost of motoring, particularly in terms of fuel, it contributes to both air and noise pollution and congestion. It also aid in traffic congestion along roadways in major cities and towns Jet Aircraft Age In 1909, an airplane crossed the English Channel; scheduled passenger service began between London and Paris by 1919. The first scheduled air service in the United States began between San Diego and Los Angeles in 1915. In 1944, an international conference was held in Chicago to establish international air routes and services.IATA (International Air Transport Association) is the major trade association of the world’s airlines. The worldwide system of air travel became possible through international agreements on financial, legal, technical, and traffic matters.

Also the first Boeing 707 came into service in 1954. The Boeing 707 was the United States’ first production jet airliner, and the aircraft with which the US first gained the lead in commercial jet manufacture. Other aircrafts were introduced to handle the medium and short-range routes.Air transportation has further reduced the cost per mile of travel, enabling millions of people to become tourist. The speed of air transportation enables vacationers to take intercontinental travels. Cruise ship Age Cruise ships also known as a floating resort. No two ships are alike. Each has its own personality and character.

The nationality of the ship’s officers and staff contributes also to its personality. In addition, cruise ships sail under foreign flags because registering these ships in there different countries mean fewer and more lax regulations and little or no taxation at all.Cruise ships are engaged in freight or passenger transportation on the open seas or inland waters, and establishments that provide incidental services such as lighter age, towing, and canal operation. Also includes excursion, sightseeing, water taxis, and cargo handling. Cruise lines have to ensure that their ships are used for the maximum time during the years. Some companies charter cruise ship to tour operators, while other have some chartered ships for use of floating hotels when there is accommodation for special events.

The health and safety issues are controlled by the international maritime organization which requires ships and ports to confirm to internationally set standards. All ships are suggested to announce inspection for the ships so that they can be rated for the quality of food preparation, water, cleanliness, storage and repairs.ReferencesWww. metcgorceraldecorpuz. com 2011-06-30 Ages of tourism Harper Douglas.

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