After was fortunate enough to have experienced

After completing the Business and Economics program at Oxford University during my last summer, I undoubtedly believe that I was fortunate enough to have experienced a truly life-changing academic program.

In just a few weeks I was able to broaden my business knowledge through meeting multiple business executives, who taught us what it means to be business leaders. Meeting these educators and successful entrepreneurs was not only exciting but also inspiring. I was then able to apply this newly gained knowledge to the business plan my teammates and I were working on for the Oxford Royale Academy Business Plan Competition. Through the many days and nights we spent perfecting our plan, I was also able to experience a true sense of independence and responsibility, which will be a crucial factor in my life at college. Despite the intrinsically competitive nature of the program I was in, I was able to establish and sustain long lasting friendships with students from places all over the world, such as Singapore and South Africa. We shared stories over meals in the St Petersburg college Hall about life at home and engaged in enlightening discussions and debates about business norms and current events around the world. Despite our different languages, cultures and religions, we became a family as we learnt more about each others beliefs and ambitions.

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During these few weeks I was able to learn the true values of friendship, companionship and cooperation in life and in business. As I proudly concluded our teams business plan presentation in front a sea of my peers and judges I knew that this experience had changed me forever. My fellow teammates and I beamed with immeasurable joy when the judges announced our team, BIO-ME5 LLC, as the winners of the business plan competition after days of training, preparation and hard work, thus solidifying my belief in the importance and power of hard work, determination and teamwork. This experience has truly cemented my love and passion for Business and Economics.


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