After from Aswan faculty of science, my

After spendingabout seven years as a researcher in Saluga & Ghazal protectorate, I coulddraft an inter-office memo in my sleep.

What I want to do next? Take thatexperience to higher academic level where it can be sharpened, Expanded andadditional skills acquired. Over the last7 years, I’ve built my career on one simple principle: Work SMART. I’mthe person who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to streamline them,and consistently strives to boost the productivity of everyone around me. It’swhat’s earned me a promotion as the assistant manager of Saluga & Ghazalprotectorate and responsible for trainings and development programs.  When Igraduated from Aswan faculty of science, my colleagues gave me what I considerto be some pretty bad advice: “Just get any job, and figure the rest outlater.

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” While I think that ” Doing what you love, will make you innovative”.So, volunteering in Natural conservation sector was the way to apply practicallymy ecological background and to innovate, until I became a former researcher in2012, and applying for SINGA scholarship came from deep inspiration from mywork aspiration. as I lived through my work in an extraordinary environment ofNile river of Aswan and its different structures which obligate me to love theenvironment and conserve it as much i can. Six months ELEMENTexchange mobility program in Freie university of Berlin  Represent also a great motivation to apply forsuch a reputable scholarship to get my master degree, it was fascinating periodat all the levels , scientific ,personal experience , new cultures and Theconvergence of ideas and thoughts. My corecompetences are in 4 axes:-        Act for change, catching everyopportunity to improve my experience and skill , always emerging new ideas andsharing it with managers to improve the way of working and finally adaptabilityfor new techniques ,people, and cultures .-        Strive for results, over achieved myobjective in our work plan which is the key of success of Saluga &Ghazalprotectorate.-        Cooperate transversally, as I share information, scientificideas, feedback and activities with my colleague. as we represent the best teamwork all over the Egyptian protectorates.

Also cooperate with the localcommunity, universities, schools and governorates to organize and deliverscientific training courses, and tourism visits-        Commitment, as I have excellent relationship with mymanagers and meet work needs, build a brilliant reputation for Saluga &Ghazal protectorates all over Egypt as a result of our commitment to localcommunity and each person who deal with us. living in a developing country, initiate the desire of contributing todevelop my community in a sustainable way. And IMAE scholarship helps to fulfillmy dream, thisprogram provides comprehensive understanding of Biodiversity assessment, conservation , management ofnatural resources and sustainable development. In addition, the program’soffers me opportunity to study in different educational systems (in France,Germany and in the UK). I believe I will not only gain practical knowledge butalso learn a lot from different approaches, study methods and cultures. Itprepares me for an international working environment in the future.

  It will open a door to the world for me. It is a life-changingexperience.”    


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