African Americans Influence on Civil War Essay

In what way the African Americans shaped the course and consequences of the Civil War? African Americans helped shape the civil war in many ways. In fact, they were basically the underlying cause for the war in the first place. African Americans were slaves and had been treated like property since they first arrived in America. Therefore, the possibility of freedom for these slaves caused a big uproar in the south.

The issue of equal rights for African Americans, the country’s ignorance to African American’s abilities and willingness to learn caused a divide between the states.The strong differing opinions about slavery led to what is known as the bloodiest U. S. war of all time. The main reason for the war was based upon many differing opinions in America. Eleven states of the South seceded from the Union after Lincoln’s inauguration.

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There had been tension between the North and the South prior to the election. President Lincoln began the Civil War with the South in response to states’ secession from the Union not particularly over slavery.The North fought in an effort to save the Union while the Confederacy fought to protect states’ rights. African Americans The Union was against slavery, especially President Abraham Lincoln, and wanted the Confederacy to free all slaves. In Doc A, it is clear that Lincoln felt that that African Americans deserved their help, for they had been enslaved by whites for too long. Many people disagreed with this viewpoint; Lincoln’s views on slavery infuriated the Confederacy because they knew it would not be long before freedom for blacks became a reality.Many people were uncertain about whether blacks were free or still enslaved during this time.

Due to the recent enforcement of the emancipation proclamation, it was unclear whether African Americans were free or still slaves. Equality for African Americans had been an issue that had been building for many years, and was finally breaking through. During the civil war, many amendments, doctrines, and bureaus came about that eventually gave African Americans their long earned freedom.

However, all the privileges that come accompany freedom were still unattainable.It was no secret that the Republican Party wanted freedom for the slaves and in 1864 Lincoln granted it by establishing the 13th amendment. This amendment abolished slavery forever. Even though, the act was a noble one, the end result was not favorable for blacks. They were still segregated, and not given any rights. They could not vote or receive a decent education. They were separated from whites at social events and public places.

This amendment may have ended the Civil War but it did not help the African Americans in their quest for fair and equitable treatment.African Americans have come along way. They have proved that they are equal to whites in knowledge skills and strength.

Black soldiers in the 54th regiment fought as hard as any other white soldiers yet were unable to attain any level of recognition or promotion. Like it stated in Doc E they have the will to learn, and therefore deserve to have that opportunity. When educated, they wanted to participate in government and voice their opinions though Lincoln along with many other well-respected and intelligent Union members.

Through the hard fought Civil War, they were able to make advances toward someday achieving equality. African Americans were the prominent cause for the Civil War. The War marked the beginning of the struggle for equality and fair treatment of African Americans. Despite the gains granted by the 13th amendment, African American had many obstacles to face on the road to freedom. Nonetheless, the Civil War progressed President Lincoln’s, and the North’s goal of preserving the Union and marking the end of slavery in America.


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