Afghanistan many awful actions that were taken

     Afghanistan has been in war since the last 40 years. Afghanistan crisis was very tragic to a point where it lead to the death of many innocent civilians. This was due to the wars and the proxy wars that happened there in the past 40 years. Many Awareness campaigns were made to help heal this tragic war that happened in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was in proxy war in the last decades and many campaigns were made to heal this war and this crisis.          Afghanistan has been in many wars in the last decades. Many countries have left their mark on Afghanistan in these decades for example United States of America, Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. Afghanistan is located between Saudi Arabia, India, Iran and Pakistan. In 1978 the communist lead a party coup against the President in the Saur revolution. This coup lead to many awful actions that were taken by the government such as the Travel bans and Incarcerations. By 1979, the Soviet Union started interfering into the Afghanistan lands and the Soviet Union stood up with the communist group against El Mujahedeen.

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El Mujahedeen are basically normal people who were against the communist and they actually stood up against them. The interference of the Soviet Union brought the attention of the west like United States of America and other Arab countries. These Arab countries along with USA aided and helped El Mujahedeen with Military, army, trainings and weapons. (“Afghanistan War | History, Facts, & Timeline,” n.d.)        By 1988, the war started to be in the mujahedeen favor. This quickly led to the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from the Afghan Lands. The Soviet Union Completely Withdraw from Afghanistan in 1989.

The last Communist president Najibullah tried to make peace with el mujahedeen but he couldn’t.  By 1996 The Taliban started arriving in Afghanistan lands. They arrived in Kabul to free the people from the warlords. Najibullah and his brother were hanged in front of everyone in Kabul square by the Taliban. Taliban ruled Afghanistan for about more than 5 years. In those years the United states Continued to ignore Afghanistan until Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attack.

The September 11 attack led to many deaths in the New York City population and many disasters in New York City. About 400 police and fire fighters were dead while they were trying to rescue innocent civilians who were about to die in the attack. After the September 11 attack on United States of America which was done by EL Qaeda. George bush wanted to take revenge so he invaded Afghanistan.

(“Afghanistan War | History, Facts, & Timeline,” n.d.)  Afghanistan present situation is currently bad because of the wars. Afghanistan is a country that it is not recommended in it to live or work there because no one can live safely or work safely because it is full of suicide bombing and terror attacks. The country is also having a politically corrupted problem which is also affecting the country’s present situation.

      Afghanistan war casualties were very huge. These tragic wars lead too many tragic things such as deaths of many innocent civilians and other people were hurt during this war. About 15,000 Soviet soldiers were killed, and about 35,000 were wounded. About two million Afghan civilians were killed and about 30,000 are wounded. (“Civilian casualties in the war in Afghanistan (2001–present),” 2017)          Raisin awareness campaigns are made to help the world by spreading positive thoughts.

Many awareness campaigns were made to stand up against wars. Wars like the Afghanistan war, WW1, WW2 and the war in Iraq. The first awareness campaigns is “What goes around, come around.

Stop the Iraq War” This campaign was made to help raise awareness on stopping the war in Iraq. The campaign is based on a poster that is designed to be put on poles in streets to show that the missiles tank what they actually shoot will be reflected on them. (“8 Creative Social Awareness Campaigns : Which one of these pulled you? | SaveDelete,” 2016) The second raising awareness campaigns that aims to stop wars and fight all over the world is ” Campaign against landmines” This awareness campaigns is basically targeting bombers whp put landmines and they show them the tragic effect of landmines on people by the ketchup pack. The ketchup pack has w boody on it when you open the pack it is like you have cutten his legs so the ketchup gets out of the pack as if it is blood.

(“8 Creative Social Awareness Campaigns : Which one of these pulled you? | SaveDelete,” 2016)  These ketchup packs are found in New Zealand and other countries to help raise awareness. (“8 Creative Social Awareness Campaigns : Which one of these pulled you? | SaveDelete,” 2016) This concludes That Afghanistan has been in more than 2 wars in the past decades. Afghanistan has been in proxy war with United States of America along with Soviet Union And some other Arab countries.

A lot of raising awareness campaigns were made to stop wars and spread love and positivity around the world were made for example Campaign against landmines and what goes around, come around. Stop the Iraq War.  These two campaigns have many meaning in them and they deliver important messages to whoever sees them. We can help by making peace acts between both sides also by spreading peace between both parts of the war.

Other things we can make is to find a solution for the problem that these two countries are fighting for and in the end May peace prevail earth.


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