Aerosmith – Summary Essay

Aerosmith is known to many as a high drug use, alcoholic, and immoral band.

I look at Aerosmith as the band that opened my horizons to rock n roll. I am a person who primarily listens to rap such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, 2Pac and many others. After hearing Aerosmith I wanted to listen to other bands that were just as good because I never gave rock a chance. Aerosmith led me to listen to Guns N Roses, Van Halen, Rolling Stones and many others. I quickly began to like some of these songs and I began to put these songs on my iPod.I got to listen to so many classic songs because of the influence that Aerosmith had on me.

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In my opinion Aerosmith does have a song for everyone. If your heart is broken you can listen to “Falling in Love” or if you’re just in a good mood listen to “Walk This Way”. Aerosmith in my opinion is America’s Greatest Band. I admire Aerosmith for always producing quality music even though they were told they cannot anymore. They were successful for three decades and one of the top earners for those three decades.Even when they broke up, Aerosmith came back stronger than ever in the 1980’s. I admire Aerosmith for getting through a lot of storms throughout their whole career. I love that they always have had that never die mentality.

They still have performed concerts through the late 2000’s. They are reported to have an album release in October. Their last album “Honkin on Bobo” reached the peak of number five on the Billboards Top Albums. The first time listened to Aerosmith was in the fourth grade. When I first heard Aerosmith I was mesmerized beyond all recognition.Joe Perry’s guitar playing had such great rhythm and flow I just could not overlook it.

Everytime Joey Kramer played the drums it was like he was going to war. My first song I listened to was Walk This Way with Aerosmith and RUN-DMC. I was always a fan of RUN-DMC and wondered who the rock band in this song was. I just could not believe that rock could sound that good. This was also one of my favorite songs of all time. This song completely propelled rap music and completely boosted RUN-DMC’s name to a household one.

This song got Aerosmith back on track to where they once were.I loved that both Aerosmith and RUN-DMC showed the music world that rap and rock can coexist. I remembered going home that day and typing Aerosmith songs on Google to see what songs they had to offer. I remembered listening songs for the next week. I was in awe by songs such as “Dream On”, “Love in the Elevator” and “Rag Doll”. I realized that I have missed out on some great music so I immediately did more research everyday from reading their biography to finding the best hits.

I was so surprised at what I had seen . when Aerosmith was the in the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2001.This halftime show is considered the best one in Super Bowl history. This opened my rock n roll horizons to other bands.

I started to listen to Guns N Roses even though I hated Axel Rose. Then went to Van Halen which I still think is an underrated band. My IPod was now filled with a lot more rock than before and more than I planned when I was youn. I still listen to Aerosmith whenever I listen to my IPod. I even used Aerosmith music specifically “Love in the Elevator” when I played Halo 3 in the eighth and ninth grade and I would do great.

I listened to “Dream On” before every football and just got me going. “Sing with me; sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear Sing with me, just for today maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away”. Those lyrics inspired me every time, in my interpretation it meant live for the moment and do everything you can.

I always knew I had to leave everything on the field. Aerosmith has influenced my rock n roll views in so many ways and has helped paved my way to listening to rock music.


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