Advertising Today Essay

Advertising today is a bitter sweet form of communication. Advertising can be a very reliable source of information.

It also can be used to contribute to the over spending, depression and in aiding society to live above their means. At an early age, little girls are shown the images of princesses in Disney movies. These movies depict the importance of beauty and how one is accepted in society because of her appearance.

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In the Disney movie Cinderella, it shows Cinderella in rags. It shows her as a servant for her step mother and her step sisters.In that image she was shown as having no importance to anyone, but her animal friends. Later in the movie Cinderella is turned into this beautiful woman.

In that image it shows her attracting the Prince, the most important man in the kingdom. All eyes were on her she was the most beautiful woman in the room. The movie also showed that when she was perceived as beautiful she was accepted. She was able to find a man, and her economic status changed because of her beauty. This is just one of the many advertisings girls see on their journey to becoming a woman.As pre-teen girls the image is escalated to Barbie Dolls. They are shown that a slim curvy body is the depiction of a beautiful woman.

This image shows details. It shows that big breast a tiny waist, curvature of the hips and slender thighs is what a beautiful woman should look like. I was viewing different channels on you tube, and I found that in some countries beauty is determined by how fair your skin tone is. Some advertising in Asia, India, Jamaica and other countries tell you that as a woman you have to be fair skinned in order to be beautiful.These countries also are popular in advertising harsh chemicals that are mixed into bleaching creams so that these women can apply them in order to feel better about their selves.

It’s sad that there is discrimination, but what’s worst is when you are discriminated in your own culture because your skin is darker. Some of these women become permanently scarred or disfigured just two become a shade lighter. In hopes of just being accepted as beautiful. Can you imagine the depression these women must feel every day?Looked down upon because they are not considered beautiful and there isn’t a hair dye, new clothes, or lip stick that they can buy to make them be accepted as beautiful all because their natural beauty isn’t good enough. How awful is that to make someone feel less beautiful because their skin has color? Women are also burdened with advertising to stay looking young. While men are considered distinguished as they age woman are shown advertising for Botox, fillers, night creams, wrinkle reducers, hair dye, face lifts etc. Advertising is very influential.

Until now I never really considered the pressures of advertising and the negative affects that it can have on a person’s psyche to keep up with the latest trends and even the pressure to be beautiful. Peer Review Questions 1. Yes the introduction precisely explains what the story is about. Comment on the effectiveness of the introduction. Is the specific demographic being focused on introduced?? 2. Paragraph Unity: Does each subsequent sentence after the topic sentence build on the sentence before? Yes.

3. Summarize each body paragraph’s main idea in one sentence.Is there anything missing, unclear, or in need of elaboration? The essay is written well, though I feel like there are a few areas that need more elaboration to give the audience a better understanding and so it’s clearer. Are there effective transitions throughout? Identify places where transitions are rough, if any. 4. The paragraphs transition nice because each main point is followed up with a good subpoint and each paragraph transitions well. 5. Does your classmate fully describe each ad? If there weren’t (or isn’t) a picture of the ad, can you visualize the ad based on the description?I can fully visualize the ad because she explains the ad decently.

6. Does your classmate identify the hidden meaning in the ad and/or discuss the cultural significance of the ad? How is this accomplished? Yes because she mentions how not only in our society though in differ society women’s ideal of how they should look and act is based on what they see she explains that very good. 7. Identify any parts that are confusing and require additional details.

I feel like for the final draft she should elaborate on each point otherwise great job. 8.Read the conclusion. What could be added or changed to make it more effective? N/A Outline the main weakness of this piece of writing and suggest how the writer might improve the text. I feel like I said before there needs to just be a little more added to the essay more wordage as well as many points need to be elaborated. The conclusion isn’t bad its good though it feels like its missing some points maybe her opinion should be stressed also maybe say how it affects her personally.

Great essay only weakness is need to elaborate sentences are to choppy.


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