Advertising, a relatively common phenomenon these days Essay

Introduction:Ever seen people flying across buildings and cars without wings, or relatively sane people jumping from one building’s roof to another? Or better yet swimming with sharks just for a can, or running behind a hungry leopard that has unfortunately swallowed that can and pulling that can with your bare hands!! I am sure you have seen all this stuff on television screens whenever you switched it on. But have you actually seen anyone perform the same stunts on regular basis in normal life? Outside television screens? Of course not. Even the notion seems to be preposterous and ill-founded. So why there is such a stark difference between television and real life screens? This is the important question that needs to be focused upon and it’s a benchmark of today’s presentation.

Why is there a need for such deceptive advertising strategies? Why is it that onscreen everything seems possible and beautiful, but off-screen everything seems colorless and impossible? Why is there such a difference that the people ultimately try to live the lives of advertising peoples rather their own sane life? All these questions have to be answered and today some light is being shed on this topic by my presentation.Discussion: Advertising, a relatively common phenomenon these days stands for making public announcements to increase sales of a particular product. This is done so that the consumers are all aware of the products and services available in the market these days along with information over their prices and their functions.Now consider a scenario. If you are living in a place which has no computer, and you don’t know what a computer actually is, and there are no computers in your vicinity, would you actually consider going and buying the computer? No of course not. You are not going to buy the product you know absolutely nothing about.

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This is the logical reason in your part. The reason behind this reluctance is that you don’t know about the product, no one around you is aware of its uses, you don’t know why it’s being used and what are going to be its functions. In short you don’t know anything about it and to you it’s just a worthless piece of metal box.Now to make people aware of the product and its functions advertising is done. By advertisement people are made aware of the products existing in the market. Especially in the era of globalization this phenomenon of marketing and advertising is very important. The reason behind this is that daily a consumer is bombarded with hundreds of advertisements because of this globalization phenomenon.

Each company is striving to get recognition on international forum. This is done by promoting the product in a manner which would attract the consumers. For this the organizations portray their products as the most colorful and beautiful according to the product itself. The best blend is the one in which the advertisements and the products blend together in a seamless way and support each other. It’s usually considered that the consumer pays attention to those advertisements which are the most eye catching and complimenting.

Now it depends on the product itself for choosing the advertisement criteria. Deciding the organization’s advertisement campaign is no easy feat, the managers have to be on their feet to cope up with the changes. Generally speaking the new product has to attract the customer within 10 seconds because this is the maximum time an average person would give to advertisements. If the person doesn’t gets impressed within this allotted time he/she wouldn’t be willing to buy it.

These attractive factors require a lot of hard work, patience and creativity by the marketing department. This leads to being aggressive along with being more and more extraordinary. The advertisements tend to be more and more farfetched to get the consumer’s attention. Take for example the tobacco companies. In their advertisements they portray the product as the healthiest and the most beneficial one in all the market.

It is portrayed that after smoking a person is able to do anything. He can move very quickly, can outsmart every one. The person who is smoking there brand could win in almost everything. He’s going to be considered as the most handsome and attractive person and gorgeous ladies would want to know him etc. this is all the notions the advertisement portrayed.

The people who want others to think of themselves as a very cool person would no doubt fall prey to this kind of cruel marketing. In sheer desperation they would buy this brand of cigarettes to become just like the male model being used in the advertisement. But what would happen after the person smokes a couple of packets and finds him in the same position he was before smoking? No doubt he would feel that he has wasted money. But along with that he would begin to loathe himself of not being more popular and handsome. His self confidence will be in shatters because we all know that by smoking, we wouldn’t become a stronger person or a better person( Belch 1994). A packet of cigarettes wouldn’t help us in achieving our goals, of loving our own self.

Because no one not even a multimillion dollar company can make us feel better of our self if we don’t want to. Each and every person has hidden potentials in themselves which doesn’t need a brand or a thing to prove itself. So a brand can never achieve our goals for us. We ourselves have to prove that we are capable enough to reach our goals.

This is a negative sort of portrayal by the organizations. They are feeding on innocent people’s needs just to sell their product. However we all know that cigarette is an extremely dangerous for the health of the person. It causes extreme lungs and mouth cancer. Not to mention several stomach problems and diseases. And the worst problem of smoking is it causes heart problems which in sever conditions result in heart attacks. Now we need to ask these organizations what is the need for such marketing and the impossible portrayal of the product just to sell it to vulnerable people. These people, just in a desperate situation, to fulfill their needs and desires fall prey to such devious marketing strategies which cost them their self worth, money, health and ultimately their lives.

This is the first sort of marketing strategies. Every person has a need and to fulfill their needs these products are available in the market. Nut no one gave them this right that they can conform to such illegal practices. Have these companies ever bothered to look at the consequences of their products and their extreme marketing practices?( Belch 1994).Since these organizations aren’t willing to take responsibility for their actions, the government should form some rules and regulations which could stop such illegal and unethical marketing strategies. The government should ban such deceptive marketing and force these organizations to publicly acknowledge their products negative qualities. Tobacco organizations are very huge and prosperous and it’s not possible to close them down.

But the government can ensure that these organizations’s marketing strategy is not misleading and the people become aware of the negative consequences of these products. Instead of preying upon the consumer’s need these organizations should develop their marketing strategy which would promote their product but would also let the consumers be aware of the consequences of these products.Conclusion:The sole purpose of marketing is to cause an awareness of your products and these organizations have to somehow market themselves.

But there is an ethical side of business as well. This ethical side should also be obvious in the marketing strategies of the organizations. Instead of reeling new consumers in on the basis of their innocent needs, the organizations should make the people aware of its side effect as well and then leave the buying decision on the consumer’s choice. And instead of deliberate deceptive advertising it should be more natural. These things can and should be ensured by the government.BibliographyBelch, G. (1994)Introduction to Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective: Irwin 


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