Advertisement Essay

Men, women need you… and with the right resource, you will be the man that all women need. Sounds realistic… right? An ad released in 2008 by AXE body spray for men shows multiple women, in small amounts of clothing, attempting to accomplish different tasks in a wilderness environment. In the end the women do not accomplish much and look very lost, as though they need help, and it ends by showing a male spraying himself with AXE body spray, and a headline that says: “You’re needed at the AXE cottage. ” Then the ad then goes on to say: “Buy any AXE product for your chance to visit. This ad was removed off Canadian television shortly after it was released.

Most of the ads produced by AXE are entertaining, but nonetheless this does not change the fact that most of them are also demeaning to women, including this one.This ad is targeted at men, with an emotional appeal. The message is that women need men, and if you are a user of the product, that you will be what a woman or multiple women need. This ad speaks to men because they want to feel needed and or wanted by women, and if this product is their resolution, then so be it…

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r in this case, then so buy it. Now, women may feel belittled or offended, but in a men’s defense they’re not so in denial to believe that a single product will actually make a woman need them. Men also don’t make it so that ads be marketed this way, the label does. In today’s society there are many women who are self-made and are competing with men to prove that they can and will do what men can do, and some are even trying to one up the male population.

Men are aware of this change in society.For a long time coming women have been seen as incapable, and in history actually had to fight for rights to be able to prove their full capability. It’s not that women do not need men, because women do need men in certain aspects, but to each woman those needs may differ. With all that said.

.. this ad may help men to feel more confident in feeling needed by women, the fact that women do not “need” men as much as they did way back when. This ad appeals not only to a man’s emotions, but also to a woman’s.She may reflect back to a time when she needed help or when she needed a man for something. This could possibly make a guy who use AXE’s product more attractive. In contrast, there is more chance women are likely to feel depreciated by the commercial. AXE and its marketing team are quite brilliant in the fact that most typically the human mind holds onto negative things, more than it does positive, as well as things which touch on our emotions.

Not to say this ad was actually intended to offend women, but if a woman, like me, feels either offended or irked by it, they are going to remember it.Just because it is something that gets our attention, it does not make the message “okay”. Women have always been viewed as on the lower pedestal in life, and when it is publicized on an ad it makes us defensive, because we are already very sensitive beings. The men are not at fault, because the advertisers are just doing their job, but the advertisers should look more deeply into the message they are portraying. A message that can cause controversy in society and be degrading to one specified group is not okay, and this ad is definitely offensive to one group… the female population. I think it is appropriate that ads such as this are removed off the air, because that makes it so that the message is not acceptable.Works CitedAXE. “New Banned Axe TV Commercial.

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