Adversity Essay

Adversity is a bellowing thunderstorm waiting to strike. Parts of people’s lives that nothing is bad, is a life of ease, but sometimes a loud crack of thunder could bring up frightful events that could change how people view themselves called adversity. Adversity is when an event occurs that negatively, or terribly affects someone by letting them find their true self.

Adversity ranges from a lot of different events that could happen to a person that has a negative effect on that person’s personality by making them realize there true self.If someone has a death in their family by a very close relative, or another scenario war is abruoting and these events could make a person find their inner self. These are adversity because there are a lot of things that can happen to a person that will totally destroy them inside, like if they have witnessed a horrific murder, or a crime, it can scar them for life. The way you cannot find your true self is ease because ease is when a person is getting everything they want and they don’t have to do anything to achieve, the person has a freedom from concern.

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An example of ease would be instead of trying to fight to be able to keep a persons’ house they would use someone or something to pay for them which would be ease because they don’t have to do anything or go through hardships that can change a person. This is an example of ease because when someone is getting everything they want they aren’t going through adversity which only leads to ease. Ease does not change a person; adversity is key to help discover their true self.


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