Advantages of Using Ict as a Tool for Teaching and Learning Process in Higher Education Institution Essay

Nearly all higher education institutions today are accustomed to the use of technology to assist the teaching and learning process. One immediate example is the implementation of ICT in education where most experts believe that the approach is able to uphold several advantages in assisting students, as well as teachers for a better learning process. Provide the advantages of using ICT as a tool for teaching and learning process in higher education institution. ICTs stand for Information and Communication Technologies. ICTs are a diverse set of technology tools and resources used for creating,managing,storing and communicating informations.Technologies included in ICTs are radio,television, telephony,computer and internet. ICTs at present are very important in assisting and facilitating every aspect of human life.

One immediate example is the implementation of ICTs in education. Nowadays,nearly all higher education institutions are accustomed to the use of technology to assist the teaching and learning process. Most experts strongly believe that implementation of ICTs in education is able to uphold several advantages in assisting students ,as well as teachers or lecturers for a better and more efficient learning process.The advantages are lessons teaching and learning can be done anytime anywhere,remote learning resources can be accessed and ICTs help prepare individuals for workplace in future. Lastly,ICTs help students to prepare themselves before entering working places after graduated. In this 21st century,individuals who are equipped with various type of knowledge about ICTs will having higher chances to be employed if compared with those who have only surface knowledge about ICTs.Now-a-days, graduates are required to possess more than their academic qualifications. They must equip themselves with soft skills such as personality,technology skills, presentable and communication skills (Barclay, 1993; Lim, 1994; Ivancevich and Lee, 2002; Mason et al.

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, 2009). Most of the employees believe that those ICTs intellectuals will able to smoothen their companies daily operation in order to increase overall working efficiency and productivity.Indirectly,it may decrease one’s company expenditure in paying ICTs consultant fees.

Other than this,individuals who know well about ICTs may widen one’s company marketing area all over the world. By using the technology tools like internet,one can do research and collect various kind of useful information from different countries very easy and fast. One may communicate and negiotiate contract with entrepreneur who are in foreign country face to face by the aid of technology tools like webcam.For those who lacked fundamental technical skills and only had knowledge of basic software such as Microsoft Office have lower chances to be get employed.

According to the findings of a Graduate Tracer Study in 2006, 30. 7% of graduates remained unemployed six months after convocation, while 5. 7% were still awaiting job placement. The study involved 132 900 graduates from 18 public universities, 18 polytechnics, 34 community colleges and 13 private institutions of higher learning from all over Malaysia. (New Strait Times, 2007).Therefore,ICTs are important as a tool for teaching and learning process in high education institudes. In conclusion,unemployed graduates have become among the worlds major concerns lately due to lack of soft skills such as technology skills.

In order to overcome this problem,government has introduced courses and programmes such as MSC Malaysia Undergraduate Skills Programme (USP) for them. USP is specifically designed for undergraduates who wish to enhance their skills in programming, database, operating systems, networking and much more.These technical and soft skill courses are inline with today’s ICT industry needs and will increase the marketability of Malaysian undergraduates. As for student themselves,they should take initiative to learn those technological skills besides working hard to get an excellent result in academic.

As a result,this can ensure them to stand a place in the competitive labor market.Referenceshttp://www. themalaysianinsider. com/malaysia/article/malaysian-graduates-struggle-to-get-good-jobs-says-straits-times http://www.

ikim. gov. my/v5/index.

php? lg=1&opt=com_article&grp=2&sec=&key=1482&cmd=resetall


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