Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Advantage of Using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business Essay

Advantage of Using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business Essay

Nowadays, Wi-Fi becomes a critical role in Hotel Business. As you know that, in today’s digitally connected world, all PC’s have Wi-Fi and an estimated 85% of mobile phone also has built in the Wi-Fi. In addition, guests in Hotel desire for access to the Internet during their stay continue to be strong. In the following, I will briefly describe about the advantage of using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business.

First, I would like to tell you the advantage of hotel when using Wi-Fi service. For Hotel Business, it can save the time to do the reservation process.As Hotel staffs can use mobile Wi-Fi application to securely access administration and reservation tools from everywhere to do the reservation. Besides, Wi-Fi can allow staffs to take orders for foods, beverage or other amenities around the range of the Access Point. Access Point can cover an area in the restaurant to provide wireless internet access. Also, it can be interconnected and extend the coverage of the wireless connection. Moreover, Wi-Fi can help to reduce the cost of network establishment and expansion as Wi-Fi router is not same as the internet cable that needs to install into the wall.In order to ensure high levels of service, good communications become very important in hotel business nowadays.

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As Wi-Fi is a wireless system and it can help hotel employees keep everything running smoothly by using wireless voice communication. If it had anything happened during the e. g.

reservation, staff can use Wi-Fi services to connect with their manager as soon as possible in order to solve the problem. Besides, Wi-Fi installations can eliminate most of these headaches as it has no equipment is installed in the guestrooms.Hotels can provide Wi-Fi service in guest rooms and common areas for free. In addition, room access during installation is required only for signal testing purposes.

Now, I would like to tell you the advantage of guests when using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business. First, if the hotel has installed complimentary Wi-Fi, guests can use Wi-Fi for their Internet access without paying any money in the coverage range. Besides, in a hotel with conference facilities, Wi-Fi offers a compelling value proposition. Wi-Fi access can be provided to guests in large open spaces without having o worry about wires. Also, guests may not need to stay in the hotel, making controlled access easier logistically while adding the possibility of additional revenue streams.

Nowadays, Hotel is always seeking to capture more revenue; As Wi-Fi is more cost-effective than wired broadband installations. By both generating more revenue and cutting labor costs, hotel owners mostly will use Wi-Fi services. Disadvantage of using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business Although Wi-Fi is very useful in Hotel Business nowadays, it is also include disadvantage of using Wi-Fi in Hotel hospitality industry.

In the following, I will briefly introduce it to you. Normally, modern intended to enable the progress of the Wi-Fi wireless Internet access for hotel guests, the hotel will used on the network itself. However, security concerned will be the most important part when using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business. As locks and other critical safety devices can be connected to the hotel network so that staffs need to be alerted about the security of using Wi-Fi in order to prevent suspicious activities occurred. Besides, if something was wrong, it will lead to security problem happened.In addition, Interoperability issues between brands or deviations from the standard can disrupt connections or lower throughput speeds on other user’s devices within range. This will affect guest satisfaction when using Wi-Fi in hotel. Moreover, signal of Wi-Fi will become weak and unstable when guests connect to the area that was not coverage the Wi-Fi service clearly.

In a hotel, it include some blind spots that was not coverage the Wi-Fi service, if guests would like to connect the Internet, they need to go back to the area that can connect Wi-Fi service.It will make guests feel unsatisfying when using Wi-Fi service in hotel blind spots. In addition, although Wi-Fi can cross the wall to provide wireless internet but it will affect the signal of the wireless internet access, it will lead to weak and unstable connection occurred when guest use Wi-Fi to connect the internet in the hotel.

Impact of using Wi-Fi With high-speed Internet access being one of the most sought after amenities by travelers, many hotel operators are in the process of determining the best strategy for broadband deployment.Wireless Internet becomes critical role in Hotel Business nowadays. Besides, Wireless Internet is no longer just another amenity at hotels. Hotels aiming to increase Revenues Per Available Room (RevPAR) and maximize profitability by using Wi-Fi services. In the following, I will describe about positive and negative impact of using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business. In Hotel Business, the positive impact of using Wi-Fi was the hotel reservation numbers grew in direct response to the popularity of the service.For the guests, Wi-Fi service is user friendly and the network was picked up automatically with speed.

Moreover, in relation to the positive impact of hotel operation and guests, the hotel staffs can use Wi-Fi application to deal with the guest’s reservation and administration tools from anywhere in order to ensure a high level of service and management to all of the guests. In addition, if the hotel was install the complimentary Wi-Fi in anywhere, it can attract more customers to go and stay in the hotel, especially the business company and government department.As they prefer to hold some annual report announcement and events with complimentary network. Therefore it can increase the hotel operations sales and profit.

Moreover, it can enhance the service quality and relationship between the company and guests hence guests would prefer to stay and use the Wi-Fi service in the hotel. For the negative impact of using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business, staffs may feel confused as not all of them know how to use Wi-Fi system.Also, the Wi-Fi system to some of the staffs may be too new. Although using Wi-Fi can speed up the procedure of e. g. reservation process, but if staffs did not really know how to use the Wi-Fi service in hotel, it will lead to time consuming when using Wi-Fi in Hotel.

Furthermore, if the hotel was not concerned well about the security system on using Wi-Fi service, it cannot defense the Internet, for instance, computer user’s virus to attack the hotel’s security and steal the important information.