Advances Assembly resolution 55/25 of 15 November

Advances in globalization such as speedy communication, transferof finances and international travel have provided an advance in organizedcrime, particularly of transnational type. UNODC has paid important attentionto the transnational organized crime and other aspects that are harbored underit since, these are a menace to global prosperity. The United NationsConvention against Transnational Organized Crime, adopted by General Assemblyresolution 55/25 of 15 November 2000, is the main international instrument inthe fight against transnational organized crime. It opened for signature byMember States a t a High-level Political Conference convened for that purposein Palermo, Italy, on 12-15 December 2000 and entered into force on 29September 2003. Furthermore, Pursuantto article 32 of the United NationsConvention against Transnational Organized Crime, a Conference of the Parties to theConvention was established to improve the capacity of States Parties to combattransnational organized crime and to promote and review the implementation ofthis Convention.·        In 2007, Brazil’sgovernment introduced a plan to reduce crime and violence in the favelas, theslum neighborhoods of Rio and other major cities.

Military collaboration with the government started to cleansweep the areas that were under the rule of malicious drug traffickers andcrime masters. Additionally, with the city due host to both the 2014 World Cupand 2016 Olympic Games, all eyes were on Brazil and how they will assure thesecurity of these two vital international events. ·        UNODC World Drug Report 2010 unveiled seizures inSouth America to be 59 per cent of the global total in 2008 as compared to 45per cent in 2007. ·        The World Bank report in 2013 Making Brazilianssafer says that the situation regarding crime and violence appears to beimproving in the rest of the country, but warns that there are significantdifferences between states. ·         In Paraiba state, officialsinvestigated a criminal gang that subjected more than 50 male teenagers totrafficking in Latin America and Italy for sexual exploitation.

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Investigationsare ongoing since 2013, and authorities arrested and charged 12 Italians andBrazilians in criminal court in 2015.·        In its continuous efforts to combatcrime at every stage, the Brazilian government hosted the Twelfth United NationCongress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Salvador from 12-17 April2010.·        With the alarming usage of crack and cocaine that isof 18 per cent of total global usage as dictated by UNODC in 2010, Brazilstands next only to U.

S that consumes 20 per cent of the total yield across theglobe.The sole purpose of highlighting the above mentioned issues that haveaffected the South American territory of Brazilian land is to come together withthe respected members of United Nations Organization towards possible solutionsthat the country cannot come up with, alone. 


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