Administrative Matrix Essay

1. Leading-This includes interpersonal roles, subordinates within the organization, and persons external to the organization. Three interpersonal roles include figurehead, leader, and liaison-A manager has the responsibility to lead by example within the organization. It is important to model the behavior subordinates are expected to fulfill 2.

Planning-Planning is the first stage of management functions. In this stage the manager is responsible in determining what will be the organizations goals, which will reflect the companies vision and mission statement. A manage in charge of a printing shop will need to have a plan for marketing, hiring, and sales.3. Organization-A manager is responsible of the company’s organization, which includes its personnel and resources. It is important that a manager know how many people will be needed in each shift in order for the company to achieve success.

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-Without organization in a company, the manager will not have the respect from its employees because it will leave the manager’s supervisory techniques to be questioned and will seem like they are unprepared.4. Controlling-The last stage in the four management functions involves the monitoring of the firm’s performance in order to guarantee that the company’s goals are being met. Managers also need to become aware of their costs versus the performance of the organization as a whole. -For instance, if a financial institution has a goal of increasing their loan portfolio by 10% over the next 2-3 months, the managers in each branch will need to monitor the progress toward their given goal at the end of each month. An effective manager will share this information with their staff and thus building trust and feeling of involvement for all the employees.


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