Addressing The Root Causes Of Terrorism Criminology Essay

Islamists view the non-Muslim universe, every bit good as the non-pure Muslim universe, as morally evil, a perversion of the one true religion, and an insult to the one true God.A Modernity can be understood in footings of both morality and science.A On the one manus, the West, the incarnation of modern morality, is representative of that which is unhallowed in the world.A On the other manus, modernness as symbolized by scientific discipline and engineering is volitionally embraced by Islamists.A Accordingly, despite the hate which Islamic fundamentalists seaport towards the West ‘s modern morality, they have displayed a noteworthy inclination to use scientific instruments and engineerings of modernness in their efforts to get the better of Westernization and “ reclaim ” society. Underliing Islamic fundamentalist attitudes towards scientific discipline are two differing traditions of cognition: A spiritual scientific disciplines and rational scientific disciplines ( i.e. , doctrine and natural scientific disciplines ) .A The former has long been viewed as ultimate truth, while the later has been considered as inferior, foreign, or layman.[ 1 ]

In modern universe the reply to Bombay type of panic onslaughts is ‘preventive war ‘ . Elimination of terrorists will non assist accomplish triumph over terrorist act boulder claies such clip, the societal, cultural and psychological causes of terrorist act remain, new coevalss of terrorists will originate.

Addressing Root Causes of Terrorism

Checking Islamic Fundamentalism. Religious fundamentalism particularly Islamic fundamentalism is the major factor lending to the planetary terrorist act. To undertake planetary terrorist act, we need to collar the tendency of turning fundamentalism in the Islamic universe. It is more prudent to aim fundamentalist political orientation than the terrorist himself. Success in facing terrorist act stemming out of political orientation and theopolitics lies in a multipronged attack beyond judicial chase, preventative security steps, and the usage of military force. Its basic causes must besides be addressed in close cooperation with influential moderate elements from within the spiritual or political community of the terrorist.[ 2 ]

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Secularism. A secular universe can lend positively to the universe peace. Respect and tolerance for all faiths will be the key to set up an environment of peace and harmoniousness, therefore get the better ofing the evil designs of terrorists.

Uprooting Poverty and Illiteracy and Creation of Modern Society. Survey suggests that most activists or terrorists are from hapless household background and had limited instruction. Western universe is an illustration of what prosperity and instruction can convey to the human sort. To extinguish terrorist act, the universe needs to eliminate poorness and illiteracy. West ‘s part towards it will non merely be indispensable but a must to make a panic free universe.

Leveling Drug Trade. Money earned from drug trade is diverted towards prolonging terrorist act. Without money groups will happen it hard to go on Jihad. Drug trade established in Afghanistan and Pakistan in pre cold war epoch continues to be is one of the biggest subscriber towards planetary terrorist act.

More Mature Role of US and the West. At the political degree, it is of import to separate terrorists from Islam as a whole. Unfortunately, mistake lines are developing between ‘Islam and the West ‘ or even ‘Islam and the Rest ‘ . This unsafe divide must be checked. The universe must stand together and dual criterions must be avoided. For illustration, why Pakistan, the baby’s room of bulk of panic groups be treated otherwise than Iran or Iraq? A huge bulk of Muslims around the universe hatred terrorist act every bit much as others do. It is indispensable to pacify this bulk. Folliess like the two Iraq wars must be avoided at all costs. Equally, it is indispensable to halt the turning socio-economic isolation of Islamic universe.

Proliferation of Weapons. An pressing demand exist to explicate an international jurisprudence on proliferation of of arms including the arms of mass devastation. Mere jurisprudence without enforcement policies is every bit good as non holding a jurisprudence. States like China, Pakistan, North Korea, and to some extent US and Russia have to forbear from indulging in proliferation of arms whether straight or indirectly.

Stable States. In modern society, a failed province can barely help the aspiration of the other. A stable Pakistan is every bit in India ‘s favor as it is in the favor of Pakistan. Merely a democratic, broad and stable authorities can supply stableness to a state and all steps be taken to guarantee a feasible political system exist in delicate democracies thereby forestalling them from prostration.

Weighing Military Action. The universe has witnessed two wars in Iraq, while another in Afghanistan. The state of affairs in both Iraq and Afghanistan are far from desirable, despite military triumph by Allies in both instances. Similar was the instance of Vietnam, where US Army could non hammer peace in spite all wherewithal available for contending a war. Military action should be an exclusion instead than a regulation to procure peace.

Battling Terrorism

Anti-Terrorism Versus Counter-Terrorism. The construct of anti-terrorism emerges from a thorough examining of the construct of terrorist act every bit good as an effort to understand and joint what constitutes terrorist act in Western footings. It must be remembered that in military contexts, terrorist act is a tactic, non an political orientation. Terrorism may be a tactic in a war between nation-states, in a civil war, or in an insurgence.

Counter-terrorism refers to violative schemes intended to forestall a combatant, in a broader struggle, from successfully utilizing the maneuver of terrorist act. It is “ Operationss that include the violative steps taken to forestall, deter, pre-empt, and respond to terrorist act. “ [ 1 ] In other words, counter-terrorism is a set of techniques for denying an opposition the usage terrorism-based tactics, merely as counter-air is a set of techniques for denying the opposition the usage of onslaught aircraft.

Planing For Detecting and Neutralizing Potential Terrorist Acts. Constructing a counter-terrorism program involves all sections of a society or many authorities bureaus. In covering with foreign terrorists, the lead duty is normally at the national degree. Because propaganda and indoctrination prevarication at the nucleus of terrorist act, understanding their profile and maps increases the ability to counter terrorist act more efficaciously. Following to be focused at: –

Sharing of information internationally.

ELINT ( Electronic intelligence ) should be given due importance.

HUMINT ( Human Intelligence ) is most indispensable enemy existent clip every bit good as background intelligence.

Legal Contexts. In response to the turning menace of international terrorist act many states have introduced anti-terrorism statute law. These Torahs form the guidelines for the security forces to run within the legal sphere. It helps prevent Human Rights misdemeanors at the same clip give particular powers to build up forces to run and execute antagonistic terrorist operations inhostile environment with legal protection. The purpose of these are as follows: –

Taking effectual steps to do impunity impossible either for Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act or for the maltreatment of human rights in counter-terrorism steps.

The incorporation of human rights Torahs in all anti-terrorism programmes and policies of national authoritiess every bit good as international organic structures.

Preemptive Neutralization. Some states see pre-emptive onslaughts as a legitimate scheme. This includes capturing, killing, or disenabling suspected terrorists before they can mount an onslaught. Israel, the United States, and Russia have taken this attack, while Western European provinces by and large do non. Another major method of pre-emptive neutralisation is question of known or suspected terrorists to obtain information about specific secret plans, marks, the individuality of other terrorists, whether or non the question subjects himself is guilty of terrorist engagement.[ 3 ]

Military Intervention. Terrorism has frequently been used to warrant military intercession in states where terrorists are said to be based. That was the chief declared justification for the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. It was besides a declared justification for the 2nd Russian invasion of Chechnya. History has shown that military intercession has seldom been successful in halting or forestalling terrorist act. Although military action can interrupt a terrorist group ‘s operations temporarily, it seldom ends the menace.[ 4 ]

Planing For Response to Terrorism. Police, fire, and exigency medical response organisations have obvious functions. Local firemans and exigency medical forces ( frequently called “ first respondents ” ) have programs for extenuating the effects of terrorist onslaughts, although constabulary may cover with menaces of such onslaughts.[ 5 ]

Target-Hardening. Whatever the mark of terrorists, there are multiple ways of indurating the marks to forestall the terrorists from hitting their grade, or cut downing the harm of onslaughts.

Command and Control. An unambiguous bid and control system at national degree is indispensable non merely to better reaction of authorities machinery but besides act resolutely in pressing state of affairss. Formulation of catastrophe direction commission in India is an illustration of the same, though it has non been put to prove since its preparation. National response, for illustration, might be needed for a atomic, biological, radiological, or big chemical onslaught.

Damage Mitigation. Fire sections, possibly supplemented by public plant bureaus, public-service corporation suppliers ( e.g. , gas, H2O, electricity ) , and heavy building contractors, are most disposed to cover with the physical effects of an onslaught.

Local Security. Again under an incident bid theoretical account, local constabulary can insulate the incident country, cut downing confusion, and specialised constabularies units can carry on tactical operations against terrorists, frequently utilizing specialized counter-terrorist tactical units. Bringing in such units will usually affect civil or military authorization beyond the local degree.[ 6 ]

Medical Services. Emergency medical services will convey the more earnestly affected victims to infirmaries, which will necessitate to hold mass casualty and triage programs in topographic point. Public wellness bureaus, from local to national degree, may be designated to cover with designation, and extenuation, of possible biological onslaughts, and chemical or radiologic taint.[ 7 ]

Counter-Terrorism Tactical Units. Today, many states have particular units designated to manage terrorist menaces. Besides assorted security bureaus, there are elect tactical units, besides known as particular mission units, whose function is to straight prosecute terrorists and prevent terrorist onslaughts. In Indian context NSG ( National Security Guards ) is the elect tactical force trained and equipped to cover with terrorist menaces. RR ( Rashtriya Rifles ) has besides come into being on the same line, though it is strictly for operations in Jammu and Kashmir.


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