Adderall: Effects and Abuse Essay

Topic: Adderall Effects & Abuse Specific Purpose: To inform why people take Adderall, what it does to the body and how and why it is abused. Thesis Statement: To inform why people take Adderall, what it does to the body and how and why it is abused. Audience Appeal: College students are the biggest abusers.

Introduction Attention material: I know first had what it’s like to have so much on your plate. Between school, work and a child it gets stressful • College students all over the country turn to prescription drugs to help them get their work done • Adderall, Concerta & Ritalin are examples of medical prescriptions for ADHD • All these are highly abused • A study at Radford University says, “ Adderall is abused for many different reasons. Some abusers use the drug to “get high” “ (Monson, Schoenstadt 2007) • Starts out as innocent but can shortly turn into serious addiction and health risksPreview: Many people don’t understand why Adderall is truly needed for some people, what it does to your body & how it becomes addictive and abused. Body Main Point #1: Why is Adderall needed for some? How does it happen? A. Needed to help with people who suffer from ADHD or narcolepsy B. The definition of ADHD “ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is an early onset, biological disorder, classified by 3 characteristics;Hyperactivity, inattention & impulsivity” (ADHD. org.

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nz) B. Example of how it can trigger; Tell Jalen’s story C. ADHD can cause behavioral issues which is why Adderall can be necessary Main Point #2: What Adderall Does A. PhD, Richard Ferri tells us that “ When Adderall is taken, it helps regulate the central nervous system” (Ferri 2011). B. Many believe that it is harmless and just helps one focus and stay awake C. Again a quote from PhD Richard Ferri stating,“ When taken for nonmedical reasons, Adderall can have serious consequences including increased blood pressure, tachycardia, excessive wakefulness leading to delusions & sleep deprivation.

You may also see emotional lability, abdominal pain, anorexia & weight loss” (Ferri 2011).D. Lack of appetite and weight loss = Huge side effect. Ex. myself Main Point #3: Who Abuses & Why & How A. Most commonly used by college students B. Most students are not prescribed C.

I found on Medical website, “ Many students report they “need” the drug to give them more time to study, work & play” (Ferri 2011). D. Because of the “high” feeling some get = what makes it so addictive E. An author in the USCience Review writes, “ Adderall is a schedule II drug & has a high risk for dependence & addiction” (Kapadia, Adderall Abuse…). F. Ex.Of friend who was prescribed to 90 pills/month & that barely lasted them 2 weeks. G.

An article in SAMHSA News says “ An estimated percent of 6. 4 full-time college students use Adderall non-medically” (SAMHSA News, 2009, 17). Conclusion Summary: • • • Everyone wants good grades Every college student wants to still have that “college” experience Many students don’t realize the danger in taking prescription “smart drugs” like Adderall Concluding Remarks: • There are some who truly need Adderall• It is important to know why is it is needed, what it does and the harmful and addictive nature of the drug. If your not prescribed & do not suffer from ADHD, don’t take it • Getting an “A” may seem worth it, but your putting yourself and your body at risk and in danger.

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