Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Acknowledgement Art Director Mr. Huy Vo and

Acknowledgement Art Director Mr. Huy Vo and



During the internship, I received a lot of wholehearted support from many people.  First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the CEO Ms. Vivian  Nguyen for giving me a great opportunity to be a part of the company. Also, I would like to give a special thank to Tangram’s Art Director Mr. Huy Vo  and other colleagues in my team for their tremendous support. Working with them, I was able to aquire considerable knowledge, practical lessons and enhance lots of necessary skills for my current job.

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I would also extend my thanks to the English Faculty for offering me the internship activity so that I can reflect what I have studied at the university and apply the knowledge to the real world.

Besides, I am particularly grateful to my beloved family for always giving me positive encouragement and pushing me to the limits.

Last but not least, I owe a great dept of gratitude to my instructor, Ms. Trinh Kim Ngan for her careful guidance, valuable and constructive suggestions to help me have my internship report finished perfectly on schedule.















I.                   Introduction


Internship is a golden opportunity for every student to get hands-on experience in a particular career. Through internship,  students can to apply their knowledge   from courses at school to the real world and have a brief insight into future careers.


From the end of June to the beginning of September, I had a three-month-summer internship at Tangram company. I was luckily offered the Editorial Intern position which I have always been aiming for. During this time, I was actively engaged in the dynamic working environment and had chances to refine and develop new skills of translation.


Tangram is an advertising agency which is aimed to develop creative advertising campaigns and offer marketing solutions. My company are staffed with a number of integrative departments including copywriters, art directors, market researchers and market planners, etc. who will together create the advertising plans within the constraints of clients’ requirements and budget. Tangram’s works are diverse widely ranging from gift, branding, packaging, illustration, graphic design to event, advertising, etc. The company concentrates on their bringing the most innovative ideas to help their clients build brand awareness, increase sales and enhancing customer relationship. It can be said that my company could handle all branding and advertising strategies for clients, so there must be a strong connection between all the teams in the company.


My job duties are writing and editing text delivered by the editor in chief, assisting the copywriters to produce attractive advertising writing campaigns. Specifically, I am in charge of amending, revising most of the writings for websites, blogs, proofreading the texts to check spelling, vocabulary and grammar usage before they are published to the social media and other channels.




II.               Report on the actual practicum at the company


To me, the first week at work as an editorial intern was a new, exciting but nerve-racking experience. My job involved reading a lot from various sources on the Internet, then selecting carefully essential pieces of information to include in the writing.  Because my company works with a number of different clients, sometimes the client’s expectations are quite high and not easy to handle with. For instance, some popular clients my agency have collaborated with are Closeup, Wall’s, Sunlight, etc., therefore they always demand my team to come up with as many creative and innovative ideas as possible to increase their sales. For the first few days, I was overwhelmed by numerous tasks given by the editor in chief. Specifically, my main duty was to check if the sources of articles written by the official staff were authentic and appropriate. Secondly,  I was also required to proofread the articles, blog posts, email newsletters for grammar, spelling,  punctuation,vocabulary usage, accuracy and then correct them if needed. Thirdly, developing content marketing campaigns together with other editors, copywriters, marketers was one of my job responsibilities.  With a lot of things needed to be done on time, it was a heavy burden to me. To solve these problems, I tried to arrange my work by making to-do lists and prioritizing tasks. This made things work smoothly, effectively and reduced considerable pressure. Actively asking for feedback, taking advice from the boss and coworkers and taking notes also helped me acquaint the job faster than I had imagined before. In addition, Tangram is a very professional, dynamic and flexible working environment, so I became quickly accustomed to the job and found much freedom and inspiration to let me think out of the box and obtain remarkable achievements.

By and large, most of my works were related to researching, reading comprehension, translating business contracts, and editing articles which are relatively similar to knowledge I have accumulated from English courses at school. My job required skimming a lot of information from numerous sources of books, newspaper, journals, etc. in limited time, so possessing a high level of four skills in English and knowing lots of techniques since the first two years save me a lot of time and speed up my productivity.

Moreover, I was also assigned to support the copywriters at the company. Generally, every piece of copy should follow these rules: well-written, clear but memorable and inspiring because copywriting is focused on promoting a specific subjects such as event, new products, newsletters,etc. I realize that hours of essay lessons that the Faculty offered has sharpened and refined my writing skills which are a great help to my writing projects at work.
























III.            Experiences from the practicum


There is no doubt that the three-month internship at Tangram has provided me with invaluable experience.  Not only did the practicum give me an opportunity to apply the theories I have learnt at English Faculty into the real world but it also helped me figure out how my future career path would look like. Here below I would like to share all the vital skills, new knowledge that I have accummulated from the summer internship.

First, as an editorial intern, I understand more about the real working environment of advertising agency where every department is interrelated.  Through the time working here,  I has developed my writing mechanics and practice my patience and carefulness when doing a review.  I used to miss a comma or apostrophe when proofreading and editing, which may lower the quality of the content.

Second, despite having a good command of English, I still cannot produce excellent content.  Thanks to the constructive guidance, I could grasp the most basic and essential requirements for making the content more attractive and unique. For instance, I learned how to write a good headline. According to the professionals I have been working with, The headline is not only written to grab reader’s attention but it also need to covey the main message to lure the reader to the read the whole article. They are should be short, clear, concise but engaging.

Thirdly, from my point of view, having  good computer skills was a great help. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of technology, being able to use computer and different  kinds of softwares has given me a tremendous help in reseaching information, writing and editing stories, etc.  I will be updating myself on keyboarding skills and other technological tools to be more proficient since they will help me enhance my career opportunities.

Also, I understand that discipline is an essential skill that every translator/ editor must possess since a vast amount of documents should be managed on time. If I do not stick to my plan and organize my time efficiently, I will never be able to meet the deadline


Lastly, apart from experiences I have learned during my internship, I was also got a lot of inspiration from experts in this field. I become more passionate and enjoy writing, reading and experimenting with words day by day.









































IV.               Recommendations


I must firmly say that I have gained much useful knowledge and other necessary skills thanks to the English Faculty. Studying an English degree has strengthened my communication skills, both orally and in writing.


I strongly agree that in the first and second year, compulsory subjects in the English Linguistics and Literature degree were designed carefully and excellently to lay the strong foundation of four skills in English for the whole students. Being able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in both languages that are English and Vietnamese have open up tons of amazing job opportunities. Besides, subjects on American-British culture and society help me understand more about cultural diversity and become more aware of cultural aspects in my writing style. Also, understanding cultural differences has removed language barriers, and has allowed me to communicate with foreign staff more confidently and equally.


Despite the obvious benefits the English Faculty offered, there are some certain drawbacks that should be improved. First, the Faculty should open up more choices in selecting optional subjects. About the final examination, it should be carried out in flexible measurements with various assessment criteria. I cannot deny that using paper dictionaries is a great way for making our brain exercise and ensure students remember the words much longer than looking up on online dictionaries. However, in a 90-minute examination, my friends and I find it difficult to finish the test in such limited time since it cost us much time to look up one word in a printed dictionary and sometimes, the words we want to find are even not available since in updates on paper dictionary only get conducted once in a few years. Moreover, the exams are aimed to test students on different topics such as technology, biology, science, geography, law, economy and banking, etc., so paper dictionaries cannot serve these high demands. Therefore, I recommend that the final exams should be conducted in modern computer labs with Internet access so that our translation can be performed well and on time.


Moreover, I suggest that the Faculty should held more seminars and workshops with the presence of professionals, experts in translation and interpreting field. This will open more opportunities for all of us to learn new and practical information from the speakers, get chances to develop career growth and expand the social networking  as well.







































V.                Conclusion


Doing internship at Tangram Agency gave me an opportunity to have a closer look into both the theory and the practice of the translation and editing process, from which I am able to reflect the knowledge I have obtained into a real working place to make a comparison and figure out both of them are good and effective. In addition, not only is it a great chance for me to experience real responsibilities in such a professional working environment but also to build my professional development and sharpen my characteristics along with essential skills needed for my future career.

Hopefully, through the students’ feedbacks, the Faculty will update the curriculum with more practical lessons to make it appropriate to the demand of the marketplace nowadays.