Achievement and how to improve it. levels

 Achievement is what people always aim to fromthe beginning of their life. Each one wants to be successful in his educationalcareer, but what differentiates people from other is maintaining to be a highacademic achiever Student. The real challenge is when you become anundergraduate student because it’s will be different than high school. In thisessay, I will write about academic achievement levels, factors and how toimprove it.   levels of academic performance:Startingfrom the beginning, it can be divided into two levels:First, anindividual level which includes attendance to lectures, internal motivation,and deep learning.Secondly,the group level that includes learning in a small group, learning in skills laband learning with the patient. Furthermore, there are some administrativeissues besides these two levels of time management, family support andprioritization of Learning needs.

  factors lead to high academic achievement: There arefactors that help you to achieve the high performance like:1- settinggoals 2- learningfrom failure or disappointment 3- do notmake excuses 4- internalmotivation   improving academic performance: Academicachievement of the student is affected by many factors. But, understanding,addressing and manipulating these factors would help the student to improvetheir performance. Also,  a model for academic success that has threesequential steps could be developed: 1. Preparingyourself for the course/exam2.Motivating yourself both before and during the course3. Usinglearning strategies and resources appropriately.

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   Reflection: As for me, Iwanted to stay a high academic achiever as I was in high school. So I tried toapply the factors that I learned from my last lecture of learning skills. First of all, attending early to lectures andrevise them as soon as possible.Moreover,mind mapping the lectures when I am back at home really helped me to revise mylectures faster. Lastly,Learning from my mistakes in the foundation block, like procrastination won’tdo me any good so I made a timetable to manage my time and it’s reflectedgreatly in my grades.


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