Accounting about how computerised accounting is brilliant

Accounting is very significant partof the world of business and plays a very vital role as it has the power toensure businesses grow as well as keeping track of their financial records.Many years ago when Accounting concepts such as the double entry system wasintroduced it was all manually done until a technological breakthrough whereAccounting had grown and double entry book keeping and other financial reportswere now computerised through software’s such as Sage 50, QuickBoooks and manymore. In this report I will be discussing how the role of computerisedaccounting is more efficient than manually recorded book keeping.

Computerised accounting isaccounting with aid of a computer, it tends to consist of software orapplications to keep track of a business’s financial transactions and reports.It is a very beneficial use of our current technological advantages. It has notonly transformed the paper methods of accounting, it also created new types ofapplications for business. Companies now create entire accounting systems thatincorporate all business operations including suppliers and vendors in thevalue chain.  Computerised accountingsoftware’s have replaced manual-based accounting in almost all business’s and organisationsproviding accountants, managers, employees and stakeholders importantinformation at a touch of a button.

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These systems provide the accountingprocess, improving the efficiency of the accounts and cutting down the costs.Computerised accounting has many advantages over its old traditionalhandwritten book keeping methods.Advantages of the use ofcomputerised accounting Disadvantages of computerisedaccounting It is frequently we speak about howcomputerised accounting is brilliant for businesses. But it gets us to thinkhow people have done without it. The use of accounting applications is verypopular that only a few of us have well thought out the disadvantages of usingcomputerised accounting to complete accounting tasks, nevertheless thesedisadvantages still do exist.The accounting software’s andapplications needs you to take time to understand to use it.

You could be a qualifiedaccountant, you’re still required to know what every button and command menu isused for to use the application effectively. This process could be resulting iscostly errors. Occasionally paid training is needed to learn and understand howto complete certain tasks.

If the accountant isn’t a tech genius , the processmay will be more challenging.


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