Accountability Definition Essay

Accountability is defined by section of defence as the duty imposed by a jurisprudence or lawful order or ordinance on an officer or other individual for maintaining an accurate record of authorities belongings. paperss or financess.

The numerical terminal merchandise of forces answerability procedure reflects the combat power of a unit.So what is Personnel answerability precisely? Personnel answerability is a by name tracking system that manages the responsibility position and location of every individual soldier assigned or attached to a unit. This trailing system besides tracks the soldiers as they arrive to the unit. and depart from the unit for responsibility.

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Personnel answerability must be maintained at all times. for an inaccurate count will take to black results. In order to execute as a to the full functional unit a commanding officer must cognize their forces strength.

It is of import for a soldier to maintain their squad leader informed as to where they are traveling what they are making. If a soldier knows they are traveling to be late it is their responsibility to inform their squad leader on their position. If a soldier does non inform their squad leader of tardiness it takes off from the squad leaders function as a leader to other soldiers because it had become his responsibility to track down the losing soldiers. It is indispensable for a soldier to maintain their squad leaders informed on their whereabouts in order for a squad leader to maintain an accurate count of the figure of soldiers he will hold to finish any given undertaking or mission.

Which in bend is added to the count of the platoon and to the company so on and so away until it reaches brigade and devision which the terminal consequence ends up in the commanding officer and chief’s manus.A leader may account for his soldiers in many ways. Over the phone. which is non wholly accurate. where the soldier have the chance to lie about their whereabouts and non get at their topographic point of responsibility on clip. An other manner a leader may account for his soldiers is to name a formation and physically take an accurate head count of each soldier nowadays within the formation in order to go through the the accounted for figure on to their higher-ups. A leader may besides take answerability by holding his or her soldiers sign in on a roll holding each single mark his or her name on a sheet of paper to let the squad leader to cognize that his soldiers are present and accounted for.

However. that is where we run into the job of soldiers composing other soldiers names down who claim the losing soldiers to be at the topographic point of responsibility when they had non yet arrived or are late for responsibility. Therefore. giving the leader a false count of forces.By having a false history of forces there is the possibility that the specified unit could be tasked to execute a responsibility the unit doesn’t have adequate forces for because they did non have an accurate history for their soldiers answerability. Of class when that happens.

the incrimination will ever turn over down hill. Get downing from the top. leading will be asked a series of inquiries in which they have no replies for because they did non take an accurate history of their soldiers. So with that being said. it is of import to maintain answerability of a unit and persons to avoid the problem of holding leading tracking the persons down and avoiding the complicated inquiries and avoid problem and penalties that will happen due to miss of duty of one’s answerability.Accountability of soldiers and equipment is given to the commanding officer in order for the commanding officer to entree his or her unit’s combat preparedness. If the commanding officers count is incorrect the commanding officer may be given a undertaking for the unit to finish. that the unit can non execute due to the deficiency of forces needed for said undertaking.

Therefore. it reflects ill on the commanding officer in charge of the undertaking. Which leads to penalty of the leading in charge of the soldiers who did non describe and were non accurately accounted for.Accountability for forces AIDSs in the accessing of a unit’s assets and combat preparedness is called forces strength coverage.

Personnel strength coverage is a bid map that enables a unit as a whole. to analyse the manning degrees and preparedness to supply commanding officers with a snapshot of the unit’s combat power and capablenesss. The expression to accomplish a Personnel Strength study is achieved by comparing the by name informations obtained during the Personnel answerability procedure and face it against the specified mandates to find the per centum of the slots filled for certain places within a unit. Even though Strength describing seems to be merely of import for the deployment procedure one has to believe of the capablenesss of each and every by name soldier within the unit. if the soldiers do non describe to developing how will they every be prepared for when it comes to battle state of affairss.So hence even in fort we need to keep accurate Numberss on the soldiers accounted for. If the Numberss are inaccurate in fort.

what is it to state when it comes to battle state of affairss? How will soldiers cognize how to execute their responsibilities while they are in combat if they did non go to the specified preparation that is at that place to fix them for war. In fort may look much more relaxed than being on a deployment but it doesn’t make the maps of the United States Army lupus erythematosus needed.Accurate answerability of soldiers is highly of import to keep because of black events can happen in theater or in fort. If war was to come to the United States. the soldiers must be prepared to contend. If a hurricane or other natural catastrophe were to happen.

soldiers must keep answerability so the commanding officers can measure the forces strength of his or her unit. There is an understanding when black state of affairss occur things will be feverish. and rattle points need to be made in order to keep an accurate history of soldiers. and all soldiers who end up losing must be tracked down for they may hold become a causaulty or they may necessitate to be medically evacuated.


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