According to Death a 6 year old

According to Margie Lundstron in her article kids are kids until they commit crimes juveniles under the age of 18 are committing crimes that are equal of that adds up to adults. Furthermore Margie suggest that adolescence are not allowed to do activity such as smoking, gambling, drinking or watching rated R movies without parental consent. When judging juveniles it’s important to understand the consent of the crime committed. More over life sentence shouldn’t be handed out like candy. Therefore when Sentencing adolescents the judge jury should consider how severe the crime was before sentencing.Lionel Tate a 12 year old boy savagely beat to Death a 6 year old girl, will likely learn he got life in prison as an adult a first-degree murder for imitating His World Wrestling Federation hero plummet.

With his playmate who is less than 1/3 of his size. I believe he should be punished, but it would be very sad for him to be in adult prison at such a young age. I think life in jail is too harsh for a 12 year old kid. But I do think he should be in juvenile detention and some time in counseling. But others might say jail because now that girl will never know what he life would be like now.A 15 year old boy Yorba City youth claims he was watching a TV program with a little girl who robbed a bank was giving a 26-year to life prison. Term tried as an adult, say Piercido was 14 when he stabbed to death a mini mart Clerk.

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I believe you’re around the age of 15/16 you should know what you’re doing.  So I say he should be doing 1 year in juvie then place him in jail for the next 25 year. Because that clerk just doing his job that day and out of nowhere his life was cut short.Nathaniel Brazil, is 14 and charged as an adult with first-degree murder. Brazil was thirteen and in trouble for throwing water balloons when he returned to his school he had shot to death an English teacher, who would not let him say good-bye to two girls on the final day of classes.

I believe that he should be placed in juvie with some counseling. I also think 10year in prison for what he did to that English teacher because she was just doing her job. And it seem like the right thing to do because murder is still murder.I feel if a child decides to make a huge life changing event, they should have to suffer for what they have done. Like some juveniles should be charge as adults at a certain age of 15/16. Because it’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing because I believe kids these day are way smarter then they seem today.

If a person is aware of what they are doing then they are smart enough to be put in jail especially for a crime they are committing that should be punished. And if parents find their kids acting strange they should put their kids in counseling classes.


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