According people. Entrepreneur commonly face many obstacles

According toeconomist Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883-1950), entrepreneurs are notnecessarily motivated by profit but regard it as a standard for measuringachievement or success.Entrepreneurship can be defined as the activity of setting up abusiness, and taking on financial  risksin hope of making profit. An entrepreneur is an individual who operates andorganizes a business by taking higher risk than normal and taking benefit fromthe opportunities. They seek business opportunities by identifying what isneeded, wanted and desired by the consumers. Entrepreneur  should be innovative and creative by create somevalue-added products or services, take risks in investing money and make theproducts available to customers.

Entrepreneur essential to create superiorquality products which not only meet but also exceed customer satisfaction.Customer need to satisfied with our products. In return, we can gain profit andalso success in our business.             In short, entrepreneurare the prime movers of economic progress, they play a key role in any economy.

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Commonly entrepreneur seen as an innovator, a person who introduce new ideas,methods, goods and services. They help to improve standard of living lifestyleand quality of life of the people. Entrepreneur commonly face many obstacleswhen building their companies, like financial, human resources, materialresources and others.             As entrepreneur, theyneed to sacrifice and spend their time on work and try to work hard to achieveaspired objectives. They also need to have an ability to take the risk and to acceptfailure.

They need to be aware of something change, smart thinking and take aquick action in the perfect timing. They must able to accept failure in doingtheir business as economy ever change and we cannot directly know what is goingto happen in the future, we just can forecast  it.                                                                                                                                 Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun is anentrepreneur in Malaysia that I had chosen to discuss in this assignment. He isa legendary entrepreneur who starts selling hamburgers and builds his businessempire. Tan Sri Vincent Tan currently is the Chairman of Berjaya Group, ownerof Cardiff City Football Club, owner of FK Sarajevo and owner of Belgianfootball club, Koninklijke Voetbalclub Kortrijk. He is grew up from the poorfamily and this background has motivated him to start his legendary story. Hehas the skills and competencies of ability to learn from mistakes, versatility,foresight, ethical consciousness and time competence.

In 1997 financial crisis,when he started the project of building Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur hewas encountered a challenge. But he used his skills and ability to overcome allthe problems that he faces.             He is a famousphilanthropist too as he helped the less fortunate people through monetarydonations and other material support. His generosity had been improvedlifestyle of the millions of people lives. Tan Sri Vincent Tan is smart andbrave to face any difficulties or setbacks, for example he has been venturingin many countries apart from Malaysia. His attitude make him become sosuccessful today and known by everyone around the world.

            He is also theself-made entrepreneur who run the Berjaya Group and become so popular and knownby people around the world. Even though Tan Sri Vincent Tan without advantageof higher education, but he has proven that nothing is impossible in this landof opportunity. Tan Sri Vincent Tan was a person that create miracle in thebusiness. 


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