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Accordingto the dictionary, an order is “an authoritative direction,instruction, command, or mandate.

” Therefore,following orders is of the utmost importance in the military. The keyto successful team work, following and leading is learning how tofollow the instructions of those appointed over you. Regardless ofrank, orders from above must be followed unless an order isoverridden by a higher power especially in the realm of cyber.Orders instill a sense discipline anddeciding not to follow the orders given, increases the likelihood offailure.

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Ignoring or disobeying orders can also be seen as a lack ofcommunication and organization, which can reflect negatively on boththe person giving the orders and the person receiving them. If anorder is not followed, the results of the delay or disobedience couldmean the difference between a working system or a catastrophic systemfailure. In an MOS that specializes in cyber security, orders are alife line to both the military and the systems that rely on thatcyber security. As terrorists turn more to technology to try and gettheir point across, cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency. Inother words, terrorists are turning to hacking vulnerable cybersystems to cause mass panic, chaos, and death if possible.

Therefore,it falls to the cyber MOS to help mitigate those vulnerabilities inthe systems to prevent these attacks from happening. This ultimatelymeans that a failure to follow an instruction or order to the lettercould result in a vulnerability not being patched, or fixed, topossibly a fault in a script causing a system shutdown. For example,a dam has a default setting of open. If a system failure occursbecause an order wasn’t followed, the dam gates completely openreleasing thousands of gallons of water in order to save theintegrity of the dam’s structure.

This release of water can causemassive damage to the area surrounding the dam, and if that dam isnear a populated town it can cause the death of many of the peopleliving there. When life or death hangs in the balance, it’simportant to follow every instruction or lawful order given to the tin order to maintain a systems integrity against cyber-attacks and toprevent the loss of life and damage to the surrounding area.


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