Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary According and offers a significant impact on

According and offers a significant impact on

to Biocca (2013) televisions is one of the most influential advertising mediums.

He also suggests that television advertising is one of the most effective way
of conveying a mass message and offers a significant impact on reaching a large
audience. However, television as an advertising medium also poses some limitation that hinder its effectiveness (Andrews
& Shimp,2017). According to Danaher et Rossier (2011) television is an appropriate
and flexible advertising medium, reaching large number of viewers which facilitates
the message delivery. They also suggest that television advertising enable advertisers
the flexibility to different approaches to make it memorable to the target audience.

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Television advertising makes use of visual effects to have a lasting impact on
the target audience (Biocca,2013). He also states that marketers employ colors,
motion and sound to make sue the message is powerful and persuasive, however
other techniques such as celebrity endorsement and audio-visual effects help to
enhance the impact. According to Andrews and Shimps (2017) various enterprise
companies rely significantly on traditional ways of advertising such as

advertising is more expensive than other forms of media such as newspaper, radio,
magazine and Internet advertising(Smith,2012). he also suggests that quality commercial
is costly to produce. According to Smith (2012) the cost of producing a TV   commercial vary from twenty thousand rand to
in excess a Million rand. Having a TV a Spot can change from a R550 per second
spot at random hours to R130 000 per thirty second at peak hours when viewers
are many. Based on the previous argument a budget of R260 000 has been
allocated to television advertising for one-minute advert at an hour that a
significant number of viewers are watching television