Accomplishing My First Speech Essay

When I picture a person giving a speech, I imagine someone confident, alert, standing with good posture, completely in control of their audience. I visualize a person standing behind a podium well dressed, and excited to deliver their material. For me my first intro speech was about conveying the image of what I felt a public speaker should be. How they stand, how they speak, and how they interact with their audience. Public speaking is one of the most fearful, intimidating, nerve racking thing most people will ever do.

Public speaking is around us all the time, wither that’s the president speaking, someone giving an acceptance speech at an award ceremony or just a debate in class. Seeing people get up and do it, makes it seem quite easy. My experiences and skills have taught me that it takes a lot to do so little in a set amount of time. Growing up a quite boy, just reading aloud in class would scare the day lights out of me. The fear of messing up the words, my projection, and even the fear of being laughed at because of my voice.Today I’m a different, mature, young adult very different from the young boy I was. My experiences through life, has given me the confidence and strength to look pass my fears and just relax and do it. I’ve worked in many customer service jobs like being a telemarketer and working in hospitality.

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Also teaching people how to design jewelry and even in the performing arts. These jobs have challenged me as a person, forcing me to gain the skills necessary to achieve them. They were not public speaking positions in particular , but they have helped me overcome fear, build confidence, self-esteem nd learn how to approach and deal with people. So in the end these positions have shown me the robes necessary to speak in public. Both writing and speaking are two different arenas. Something I’ve learned from others as well as myself. Sometimes you can be great at writing and bad at speaking as well as viseversa.

But you have to learn how to compromise with both and do it pretty well. When I approach a speech my first instinct is to write an attention grabbing intro. I like my audience to visualize and even guess what I’m going to talk about.That should be the goal of any writer and speaker as well; you want to connect to your audience.

Next having the necessary information for my body paragraphs is very crucial. I don’t want to talk about one thing too much or too less and have no clear start or finish. Paragraphs should flow and transition very well. The last and still very important part is the conclusion. Ending your speech by saying “that’s it” can turn you audience off. You might probably lose some credibility as both a writer and a speaker as well.I try to transition conclusions well and end with a final though or quote. Overall I think the best thing to do when faced with a speech is practice, practice, practice and prepare, prepare, prepare as professor noble would note.

Presentation is everything, your posture, eye contact, delivery, volume etc. all help to make up an outstanding performance. Delivering the first speech for me was a bit nerve racking.

Worrying about all aspects and what the outcome would be. On the day of the speech I sat patiently and anxiously waiting for my name to be called.I didn’t feel nervous at first and seeing the other student’s presentations gave me the courage to overlook my fears. When my name was finally called, it was like my soul detached from my body; I felt numb and immediately became nervous. Getting up in front of the class and seeing the student’s eye balls staring at me, was a bit intimidating.

I had my notes prepared and ready, had a proper stance and gave professor noble the “ok” that I was ready to begin delivering my speech. Starting to speak came with ease because the introduction came automatically to me.From that point on my nervousness had fueled my energy. Taking the time with pauses, acknowledging the audience with eye contact, and keeping my stance well were the only thoughts that pondered my mind. After it was all complete, the applause and great feedback from the audience made me feel very delighted.

Achieving the image I’d hope to illuminate as a public speaker was successful, as well as getting a five out of five on the presentation. My first speech was an enormous accomplishment for me.In conclusion, pursuing the ideal image of a professional public speaker was my intended goal for my first speech. Living life and having many experiences has given me the tools and skills necessary to fulfill that goal.

Writing an exceptional piece of writing, communicating and tailoring it towards an audience was a challenge I overcame. But all in all getting immense feedback and appraise from my classmates has given me limitless confidence and courage in both writing, speaking, and in my self-esteem.


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