Academic Stress Essay

This annotated bibliography was prepared at Stanford University under the supervising of module from the Law School and the School of Education working in coaction with Challenge Success.

It is non intended to be across-the-board. If you are cognizant of articles. books. or other stuffs that should be included.

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delight direct an electronic mail to Professor Michele Dauber at [ electronic mail protected ]Please experience free usage this bibliography and mention it or the stuffs in it. You can utilize it several ways.1. If you know the subject you are interested in ( i.

e. . depression ) . you can scroll down and read the “Summary Findingss by Topic. ” and so turn up the cited articles by seeking the papers on the author’s name.

seeking chronologically.2. You can besides seek this papers for the keyword “depression” and read the abstracts of the articles that contain that keyword.3. You can scan the most recent reseach by reading the most recent abstracts in the “Annotated Bibliography of Sources in Reverse Chronological Order.

pupils that are non academically fire out tend to hold higher GPA tonss and self-prides than pupils that are academically burnt out ( Lee et al. . 2010 ) . Studies show an of import relationship between increased school work and reduced slumber. every bit good as the relationship between decreased slumber and increased feelings of anxiousness. depression.

and weariness ( Fuligni & A ; Hardway. 2006 ) .Longitudinal surveies show an increasing force per unit area placed on kids and striplings in footings of expected clip spent on school and school-related work. which could ensue in less clip for things like extracurricular activities. sleeping. and disbursement clip with household ( Juster. Ono. & A ; Stafford.

2004 ) .Yadusky-Holahan. M. . Holahan. W.

( 1983 ) . The consequence of academic emphasis upon the anxiousness and depression degrees of gifted high school pupils. Gifted Children Quarterly 27 ( 42 ) : 42-46. Keywords: academic emphasis. pupil anxiousness and depression. populating state of affairs. talented pupils The primary end of this survey was to understand the relationship between populating state of affairs ( populating entirely or with a roomie ) and anxiousness and depression for high-ability. high-achieving pupils.

Findingss show that stressors associating to the school environment. academic outlooks. and work load were found to be possible subscribers to heightened depression.The survey had assorted hypotheses. including the anticipation that increased anxiousness and depression degrees would be found for those pupils that lived entirely. because they were missing peer support. The participants included 60 twelve-grade pupils who attended a competitory public school. Thirty of these pupils lived entirely.

and 30 had chosen to populate with roomies. Measures were taken to restrict environmental effects. and three instruments were used to garner three separate trials over a five month period.These instruments included The Depression Adjective Check Lists. the IPAT Anxiety Scale. and the Mooney Problem Check List.

The information was gathered before school started. in the center of the semester. and merely before concluding scrutinies.

Consequences showed that depression was significantly higher mid-semester versus beginning of the semester. except for females with roomies.Males with roomies and females without roomies reported significantly higher degrees of depression during the concluding test period. Stressors associating to the school environment. academic outlooks.

and work load were found to be possible subscribers to this heightened depression.Other findings were that lone adult females in individual suites had increased degrees of academic emphasis as the semester progressed ( though this may hold been due to environmental factors ) . In amount. this population demonstrated a nexus between academic emphasis and depression. This determination. every bit good as other happening refering to populating state of affairss. imply that there needs to be increased societal interaction in residential life schools to assist pupils get by and derive peer support in a high-stress environment.1982Hansell.

S. ( 1982 ) . Student. parent. and school effects on the emphasis of college application. Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 23 ( 1 ) .

38-51.Keywords: emphasis. college applications. pupil.

parent. and school features This survey examined the relationship between pupil. parent. and school features and the emphasis of college applications.

Datas from 254 high school pupils in an flush private high school revealed that pupil and parent features influence the experience of emphasis during college applications. Students with lower socioeconomic position. higher senior status in the school. or whose parents were most to a great extent involved in school personal businesss demonstrated the greatest blood force per unit area additions.The research workers employed two surveies.

the first was to measure cardiovascular alterations caused by the SAT among 11th grade pupils. and the 2nd survey involved interviewing pupils ( classs nine through 12 ) to arouse cardiovascular responses to the emphasis of college applications. Though the consequences of this survey can non be generalized to other types of school environments. there are of import deductions sing the influence that student/parent features and school environments have on emphasis degrees environing the college application procedure.

1958Sarnoff. I. .

Lighthall. F. F. . Waite. K. S.

. Davidson. K. S. and Sarason. S. B.

( 1958 ) . A crosscultural survey of anxiousness amongst American and English school kids. Journal of Educational Psychology 49: 129-137.
Keywords: trial anxiousness. general anxiousness. international comparing This survey demonstrates that the nexus between scrutinies and anxiousness are longstanding. The research workers involved in this survey attempted to formalize a step of anxiousness. which had been used in their old surveies.

The research workers were able to see if correlatives of trial anxiousness were similar across two different civilizations. every bit good as examine the effects that a school scrutiny has on trial anxiousness. English kids must take the “eleven plus” scrutinies. which determine their educational hereafter and ( at that clip ) had no opposite number in American civilization.

After administering the Test Anxiety Scale and the General Anxiety Scale to equivalent groups of English and American kids. consequences confirmed the hypotheses of the survey.English kids had higher trial anxiousness tonss than American kids. because of the greater importance of their school tests. The kids in both states had similar tonss for general anxiousness. As school class increased. the importance of trial scrutinies increased every bit good. Finally.

misss had higher tonss on both types of anxiousness than male childs in both states. which research workers attributed to more societal acceptableness of misss to show fright and hurt. Again. this study’s findings demonstrate that the nexus between scrutinies and anxiousness are longstanding.

The increasing importance of trials in both civilizations could connote the increasing degrees of anxiousness in kids.


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