Abstract writer can determine ways to persuade

Abstract Many of us have been into an argument before in our lives whether if it is to prove a point or to convince a friend to make smart choices.  This writing style is called a persuasive essay.

 There is an alternative phrase for a persuasive essay which is called an argumentative essay, many writers often use this writing style in order to persuade their reader a point of view.  The author goal is to convince the reader to agree with the point of view rather than disagreeing.  There are certain ways to influence readers in this writing style.  The first thing is to understand the audience viewpoint by addressing the content of the essay.   As important to understand the issues it is equivalent to ensure the reader’s beliefs and provide concrete evidence along with clear reasons.  It is important to know and apply being persuasive because in the real world it is needed for applying for a position for a job as a nurse.Keywords: persuasive, argumentative, evidence, reasonsThe Purpose of a Persuasive Essay In a persuasive essay, it is important to take consideration of your intended audience.  Knowing your intended audience will make a huge difference as a writer because it establishes what content to build throughout the paper.

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 Whether if the persuasive paper is on a specific topic, the writer can easily target the essentials needed to convey the audience.  For example, if the topic is in nursing the writer can determine ways to persuade the audience possibly to educate, to inform, or to entertain the audience.    Persuading essays can come in handy for an English assignment and most likely in the real world.  Building this skill to persuade will be helpful in the future in such ways like getting a job.  For example, in a job interview the person applying for the job often needs to persuade the manager in order to get the job.  Not only being persuasive can be helpful in a job interview but as well as applying it to work experiences.Having a career in nursing there will numerous of times to be appropriately persuasive.  For instance, getting the job done comes along persuading your patient to take the medicine or informing the patient immediate family that their loved one needs to undergo surgery.

 When in doubt, in a  nursing profession it can be stressful and overwhelming.  On the other hand, there are ways to overcome those obstacles.  That is through having the right attitude and there are three simple ways to be successful in that kind of job.  I created an acronym to help remember three attitudes that are essential and it all start with B’s.  The first B stands for Be mindful.  It can be difficult at times if you’re a new employee because patients and co-workers may or may not trust you so easily.  Therefore, it is important to stand your ground and be mindful.  The time will come when you have to take initiative and persuade you are capable of being in charge of your job.

 The second B stands for Be patient.  When a patient refuses to take the medicine, be patient and calmly persuade the patient it’s important to take the medicine.  Last but not least, the last B stands for Be a good listener.  Sometimes being a strong persuader you would have to be a good listener to appoint your viewpoint as a nurse.    In conclusion, the purpose of the author in a persuasive writing is to lead the reader in a certain direction.

 This can be easily done by first knowing the intended audience.  Determining the audience will provide sustainable content, tone, and information throughout the paper.  Building this skill will not only make you a great writer but will also be helpful in applying to a career in nursing.


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