Abstract needs to survive. The question lies

Abstract- Withincreasing population, our success rates are also growing. Due to theadvancement of technology, colonizing the galaxy has almost been made possible.But to spread, the species first needs to survive. The question lies whether wewill be able to live long enough to populate other planets.

The behavioral informaticsof the youth prove the extinction of humans as species. Keywords –homo sapiens, extinction, youth1.   Introduction– Ecologicallyand biologically speaking, extinction is termination of a particular kind ofspecies, or organisms. Earth has seen 842 extinction of species, from Irish Elk to the Tasmanian Tiger.

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The 2012 phenomenon was supposed to mark the endof the world, according to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. But while itproved to be untrue, certain tactics in the behavior of the younger generationof human species show the signs of eradication. Even world’s leadingtheoretical physicist Stephan Hawking believes that unless we migrate to otherplanets, extinction is inevitable. Thereare various indicators of extinction among youth. It is not only the fact thatpeople       nowadays are going lazy andthere is no progress, but also depression and the increasing rates of    suicide propose the notion that we are growingtired of ourselves. We are neither willing to socialize anymore nor are toleranttowards fellow human beings.   2.   Methodology– Toresearch on this topic, I have read several books on mankind and their behavior.

Some of them being ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval NoahHarari, ‘Psychophysiology: Human Behavior and Physiological Response’ by JohnAndreassi and ‘On the Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin. Apart from this, numerousarticles and informative videos have been viewed to tighten the argument of theabstract. Plentiful discussions have also been conducted with strangers to gettheir opinion on the subject and a diverse perspective. 3.   Findingsand Argument – By comparing and contrasting all thefindings, the arguments which have been formed are:3.

1 Humanintelligence has declined – According to a study conductedby Gerald Crabtree, humanity had peaked in intelligence around 2000 years ago.Because of the genetic mutations that aren’t being selected against, theintelligence rate of humans have been decreasing rapidly. His article ‘OurFragile Intellect’ was published in Trendsin Genetics journal1.

We are led to believe that we are nowsmarter since information is at the tips of our hands through technology, butit couldn’t have been further from the truth. Owing to the study, time willcome when humans will have to depend solely on inanimate objects which will ledto extinction.3.2 Thereis no progress – From the past decade, there has been nooriginal breakthrough. Humans haven’t build or invented anything new. We havenow improvised and innovated on the previous existing inventions. According to studiesconducted and research, money as a currency should have ceased to exist along withother inventions such as telephones.

Aside from scientific breakthroughs, thereis no progress in the mentality and ethics of humans. People are stillstruggling for basic fundamental rights, especially the LGBT community. There isno progress because people are growing lazier and lazier every second. Earlier,humans led an active lifestyle but now bodies as well as minds have becomestagnant.3.3 Increaseof mental illness such as Depression and Anxiety – Mentalillness has become so common that children aged as lower as five have reportedsuffering from it.

More than 50% of people in age groups of teenagers and youngadults have depression. From the social media websites, it is clear that whilepeople joke about it through memes, serious action must be taken. The suiciderates have alarmingly increased and so have the need for therapists.  


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