Abstract large institute websites, intranet for companies,

AbstractWebsites on internetconnected people with other people and information which leads to worldbusiness very effective, challenging and dynamic.

Business are running over awebsites in the form of buying and selling is E-commerce. Content management isplaying important role in developing and getting familiar among the customersin all E-commerce.With WordPress users canaccess over media, files, design, documents and display of the content. Adminaccessing admin panel of WordPress don’t need to know even single LOC topublish content on website using WordPress.

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A good CMS let any user to buildand manage their content without any technical information. WordPress is beingused in all sort of innovative ways. WordPress is widely used to encourageblogs, portfolios, small business websites, news portals, large institutewebsites, intranet for companies, web directories, database for movies, and allother websites which are based on content management. Introduction1.

    INTRODUCTION 1.1.PROBLEM STATEMENTThere are many wordpresswebsites available in market. Many of them are e-commerce websites which usedas content management system by an admins. For this project, I need to convertstatics website to dynamic website using wordpress content management tool.

Tomanage products, various plugins like woocommerce, mailchimp, admin pods, etcshould be used. At the end website should me well responsive on all types ofdevices. 1.2.

MOTIVATIONThe demand for e-commerce hasincreased rapidly, especially in the last four years. The basic reason forcustomers diverting to online shopping is that they get number of productswhich are only available online. They cannot find it in local offline stores.Thus, there is a need for the companies to filter people based on theadditional skills and knowledge they have, which is where e-commerce comes intoplay. E-commerce is a great field with infinite potential. E-commerce adminscan manage products without learning website designing and core coding.



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