Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary About a Rolemodel Essay

About a Rolemodel Essay

I didn’t only have a happy childhood, that is why it was so important to me to have my big sister taking care of me. She was always there for me, was and is still a huge role model. Although there were times I was totally against her, today I am super happy to have her in my life and I wouldn’t want to miss her now. In the following few paragraphs I will explain how she made my life better and how I rebelled against her. In my childhood she was always there protecting me which I didn’t really appreciate back then.

I was always embarressed that my big sister had to stand up for me. To me it seemed that she just wanted to look good in front of my friends, but now that I think about it I have to laugh everytime. Although she is 7 years older than me she always played barbie with me and spended time with me. In my teeanager years I was a lot of time really annoyed of her because I just wanted to go out and do fun and sometimes stupid things but she was almost always there to stop me which made me so mad.

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But one time in my life when I was 13 years old I had fight with all of my friends and I was all alone and she was there to cheer me up. We went out to shop and grab something to eat together. I was so thankful to have her and not to be alone at that time in my life. For that I will be thankful to have her because she was so caring and loving. Since the last two years we became like best friends, we do everything together and I can always tell her everything. Although I am seven years younger than her, we are so alike and we share almost everything.

She is so kind and she always has a open ear for my problems. Even now that I am here in the USA and don’t see her for over 1 year, I feel like nothing can bring us apart. Finally after all these things that happened between us, I think we are just meant to be best friends. Although there weren’t always good times we went through everything together and she was always there for me and never let go of me. I am so grateful to have such a nice person in my life.