Abortion Essay

Abortion has always been a sensitive topic because it deals with the life of an unborn human being. There are always the same two sides in this argument too, which include pro-choice and pro-life.

Life is a precious thing to all of us. We are simply born into this world, live out our life, and then die and are eventually forgotten. However, the events that lead up to these unborn human beings can change our decision on whether we are either pro-choice or pro-life.It also changes depending if the person is actually carrying the child or not. Family and friends can also be a huge influence on each other’s views. Pro-choice groups say that everyone has a choice to go ahead with the abortion. The reason for this is because they are in control of the unborn child. The problem with this is that an abortion is not just a simple and quick act to get rid of a child.

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An abortion can cause both physical and even post-traumatic mental pain.The surgery involved with getting an abortion can cause the woman very severe abdominal pain and even put her own life at risk just because she wants to get rid of another life. The haunting memory of killing an unborn child can also be a huge stress on a woman and even on the people around her. Just because someone does not want to take care of a child that they are carrying does not give them the right to just end that child’s life before it even starts. If anything, they should have the child and then put the child up for adoption.Pro-life groups believe that abortions are a terrible procedure and should even be illegal.

They think that there is no reason to end a life. Not only that, but abortions put both lives in danger during the procedures. Another reason is that the child could grow up to be a very important person and even change the world. For all we know, the unborn child could have been the next Neil Armstrong or Beethoven! However, there is one good reason to why someone can go through with an abortion. One is if the person is a rape victim.They should not have to go through the pain of having a child that was forced upon them and then have to live with that regret of not going through with killing it. Given these viewpoints from both sides, I would still go with pro-life.

There should never be a reason to just destroy and ruin an unborn child’s life. Just because something happens in a person’s life that causes them to have a child does not mean they should try and take the easy way out. They should just take control of the situation and raise the child no matter what happens.


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