ABC Steel Company Case Study Essay Sample

ABC STEEL COMPANYI – Problem StatementABC Company’s production backlog had reached such proportions that top direction decided non to accept any farther concern. The company was paying punishments of P50. 000. 00 a twenty-four hours due to non-fulfillment of contract bringing day of the months. II – Statement of the aim

Supervisors and Leadmen will be given supervisory preparation.

Besides. heighten the planning and programming for the production control of any approaching undertakings. III – Areas of consideration:As of now “ABC Steel Company” still sing jobs about their productiveness and adult male power. But there are strengths they can still utilize to repair the jobs of the company and there are besides weaknesses that they should repair.

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Ninety per centum of the labourers came from a nearby barangay and many were besides baranggay leaders that are implementing company policies and taking disciplinary action against the workers. Other baranggay leaders who did non keep places of duty with ABC Company were able to sabotage the authorization of the leadmen and supervisors in the store. Two of the five Bay supervisors were described by the workers as “baranggay leaders” . two were described as being “not important” in the baranggay. One supervisor was an “outsider” and did non shack in the nearby baranggay. This can take to efficient and accurate production because they came from the same barangay.

They should swear each other and the supervisors can easy give the undertaking to all of the leadmen and its workers.Failings:As of now there are still many failings that they should alter or repair so the company will hold its advancement and be every bit good as new once more. The General Manager admitted. production and control was a “hit and miss” matter. Which means the production and control sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails. Besides. there is a deficit of skilled work force. the usage of skilled welders.

cutters. and steel workers was ABC Company’s merely confidence that this quality could be maintained. and in recent old ages such skilled workers had become scarce.

And for the workers that are still working. there are still serious “discipline” jobs in the store. Workers were frequently belated. they fraternized invariably during working hours. and frequently disregarded the authorization of their leadmen and supervisors. Leaderships besides tended to be more slack in implementing company policies and taking disciplinary action against the workers. Last.

production control is the worst of them ; hence planning. forming and scheduling should be more accurate. IV – Premises:
After the Interview that was aid on ABC steel company and cognizing the job. strengths and failings of the company.

I can presume that deficiency of budget is the chief ground why they’re sing all of the jobs they’re sing now. They merely hired supervisors. leadmen and workers in merely one barangay. And it makes sense that there are some workers with attitude and disciplinary jobs. Supervisors. leadmen and workers know each other so they can merely make what they wanted to make earlier. during and after work. They can’t reprimand any of their equal and that’s the job that should be taken attention of from the start.

V – Alternative classs of actionBy the premise we made. they should welcome new professionals that can assist them on their major job about the deficiency of skilled workers. Besides. they should seek other ways to near their workers and how to be after and form the work burden of the workers. They should give wagess to the workers for their job-well-done achievements.

Motivation will do all of the employees do their occupation accurately and expeditiously.


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