Abbott Costello’s original partner failed to show

Abbott was born on October 2nd 1894 and Costello was born on March 6th 1906. The duo is famously known for their comedy skits and hilarious acting. They were united when Costello’s original partner failed to show up, and Abbott was his backup in 1935. With everything ending in 1957.

Abbott was born into a circus family and had acting in his blood. Everything was going well, and he even quit school to help his father with the business. Unfortunately, he was drugged and was shanghaied (when a person is drugged and is taken somewhere) and was put onto a ship going to Norway. Taking longer than necessary, Abbott was able to reach the United States and in 1918 moved to Detroit.

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Costello however, had no experience in the acting world, but, he greatly admired Charlie Chaplin, he soon moved to Hollywood in 1927 in hopes that he would become as good as his idol. Coincidentally, Abbott and Costello meet each and are paired with each other because one of their partners wasn’t showing up. As a result, they become an official team in 1935, blowing people’s minds away with their talent.They excelled in acting their sketch and soon became a well-known team in 1936. They became famous after their baseball sketch called “Who’s on First” was released and in 1957, after their last film together (“Dance with me, Henry”) Abbott and Costello decided to go their separate ways where their fame started to fade away (Abbott decided to stop doing comedy and raise horses). Costello was going to star in a Broadway Play based on the life of a former Mayor, sadly, at the time of his death, the play was still in it’s talking stage.

Many things have occurred during their performances and its surprising that they can surpass the problem and keep a straight face on stage. One of these issues occurred one day when Costello was only moments away from going on air for his radio show with Abbott when he got the news that his son (Lou Costello Jr.) had drowned in the family pool. Of course, the show must go on, and so they decided to continue with the show. Nothing went wrong, and nothing seemed to be wrong. Unfortunately, right after the show, Costello ran to a corner and passed out. In 1959, Lou Costello passed away.

Two years after Costello’s death, Abbott decided to try working with comedian Candy Condido, but the pair failed to create much excitement. Abbott then decided to withdraw from the acting business and died in 1974. They’ve done many things to earn rewards, however, many of the rewards weren’t for them but for the movies they starred in. Abbott and Costello are also one of the few people who aren’t baseball players to be memorialized in the Baseball Hall of fame. They are definitely worthy of being remembered because they faced many challenges just to do what they loved. For example, Abbott could have stayed in Norway and had a family there, but he was determined to get back to the U.S.

and do what he loves. They worked hard to make us laugh and they may not be your favourite but they deserve to be remembered forever.


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