Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Aadhaar government identification “Aadhaar” of approximately 13

Aadhaar government identification “Aadhaar” of approximately 13

Aadhaar of our existence or Aadhaar of controversy!!

What was seen as a dream endeavour of Indian government is
now finding itself in hot water. It has become one of those hitches which seems
to be no teething trouble but is a hint for an impending disaster.

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January 3, 2018,The tribune reporter suddenly rose to an overnight
fame and became a sensational buzz in almost every media house in India when
the scandalous report about the data breach of government identification “Aadhaar”
of approximately 13 Crore Indians, housing 10% of total population were sold on
mobile phone for a meagre sum of Rs.500, carrying every little demographic
detail about their name, income level, religion etc. and what  followed was the blame game that started from
central government and UIDAI and targeted 
the neck of 4 state government website.

But amidst all these debates and pin pointing the nation surely
did missed Arnab Goswami with his tagline “nation wants to know” that the
important solution lies with placing the onus or eluding the impact of
disaster. Aadhaar card technique has evolved from a highly advanced technology,
and as no technology is 100% fool proof of its flaws, could that be a basis to
constitutional challenge?

The cyber experts and lawyers are fighting another battle
amidst this cyber threat of “how bad is the situation”?

One of the dividing group is of the view that leak being of
a simple data is only a storm in teacup as the data breach is of no significant
importance and poses no threat on cyber front. The biometric data such as
fingerprint and Eris scan are completely under secured watch of government
database, and even in an alternative scenario the leak of biometric data is as
good as nothing. There is no denying that the breach has occurred but it’s just
a false alarm as the breach is inconsequential.

On the other hand, one assemblage of experts calls this as a
show of sinisterness of government, how callous the government is with the
security protocol of Aadhaar, when there is a breach of security on cyber front
it is assumed that protocol is compromised but in the present case no protocol
was there, it is as if government is taking pain to make those data public. R.K
Laksham’s portrayal of ‘the common man’ is not concerned with who has leaked
the data as long as it is out there in public domain. Vulnerability to data
mining from all other sources, stripping of every other identity except Aadhaar
no., locking person into e- identification will be the very first symptoms of
data breach.

The onus of responsibility of securing the personal
information of an individual lies with the government. The data breach happened
from a government website which not only  carries the biometric data but other sensitive
information too, so what are the odds that all this will not be targeted by
cyber criminals? It has exposed masses to  a great risk of identity security; Aadhaar
number can be used by terrorist and external enemies.  In a dream world where government want to
make this Aadhaar experiment successful, thereby becoming the first country  to have undertaken such a mammoth task, the
basic question is are we even ready for it?

It is pertinent that breach occurred from a government
website. The biggest question arises is why my information is out there? Why somebody
knows something about me that I entrusted my government with? Why are we not
concerned that how huge it can turn into? What if my Aadhaar is used in
terrorist activity or financial frauds? What other problems will come up
crawling due to this? So many “why” but no satisfactory “because”.  Are we undermining the degree of it that could
go wrong in cyberspace, how vulnerable we are from cyber threats, this data
breach was an invitation and rather a bold statement from government  that Aadhaar is a sitting duck for cyber