A Western Blotting Experiment Biology Essay

1.5M tris Hcl was prepared by adding 27.23g of tribase and 40 milliliter of deionised H2O by seting PH 8.8 and do the volume to 75 milliliters and was stored at 4 & A ; deg ; c.50ml of 0.5M tris hcl was prepared by adding 6g trisbase and 60ml of deionised H2O at the PH 6.

8Loading buffer was prepared by adding 2.5 ml glycenol,3.55ml deionised H2O, 10 % ( w/v ) sds,1.25ml o.5M tris Hcl/PH 6.8,0.2ml 0.5 % ( w/v ) bromo phenol blue and 9.

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5ml entire volume and was stored at room temperature.10 % ( w/v ) SDS was prepared by adding 10g of SDS in 40ml H2O and was marked up to 50ml.Running buffer was prepared by adding 30.3g of tris base,10g of SDS was prepared by adding 100mg of ammonium and 144g of glycine at the PH to 8.8.10 % ( w/v ) APS was prepared by adding 100mg of ammonium persulphate in 0.5ml of deionised water.

300ml of 10- TBS was prepared by adding 3.65gm of trisbase,26.3gm of Nacl at PH 7.4 and kept at 4 & A ; deg ; degree Celsiuss.

Preparation of Gel:

12 % of SDS polyacrylamide gel was prepared by adding 3.3ml of distilled water,4ml of 30 % acrylamide mixture,2.5ml 1.5M tris Hcl at PH 8.8,0.1ml of 10 % SDS,0.1M 10 % ammonium persulphate and 4µl of TEMED.

Preparation of carrying Gel:

5ml of 5 % stacking gel was prepared by adding 30µ milliliter of distilled water.

0.83ml of 30 % acrylamide solution and 0.63ml of 0.5M tris Hcl of PH at 6.8,0.

05ml 10 % SDS,0.05ml of 10 % ammonium persulphate and 5µl TEMED.

Western blotting:

Glass slides were prepared to do a gel cassetle it should be arranged in right orientation and glass slides were checked with deionised H2O in order to avoid leakage.Then the H2O was discarded and 5ml of lower gel was prepared with 12 % acrylamide concentration.

Then 1ml of frofanol was poured to avoid air bubbles and so the gel was left for 30-40 minutes.Then 5ml of stacking gel was poured on the lower gel and a comb was placed on the top of the stacking gel was left for 30-40 proceedingss for hardening.

Sample readying:

Samples were prepared by adding 3:1 ratio i.e. three parts of sample and one portion of lading buffer and 1µl of DTT was added into the effendorf vials.Then the phials were centrifuged for 5 proceedingss at a maximal velocity of 10000 revolutions per minute and 10 µl of molecular Markss was taken.Then the samples and molecular Markss was put on the hot topographic point at 100 & A ; deg ; degree Celsius for protein denaturation.

Then it was placed in the cold H2O before lading into the Wellss.


The comb that was placed on stacking gel was removed from the gel.Then the gel sandwich was removed from the cassetle and was placed on the one side of the gel back uping frame.Then the Wellss were washed with the running buffer before lading the samples.Then half of the gel armored combat vehicle was filled with running buffer so molecular Markss and samples were loaded into the wells.

Then the remainder of the armored combat vehicle was filled with running buffer to a certain degree and palpebra was placed on it and was connected to the electric power supply at 200 V. Then the gel was run with changeless current boulder clay the samples were moved up to ? Thursday of the gel.


Membranes, ( PVDF or nitro cellulose ) was prepared and soaked in methyl alcohol for 15 seconds.Then it was removed from methyl alcohol and soaked in H2O for 2 minutes.

Two blotting tablets were taken which are of the same sizes of the membrane and was soaked in the transportation buffer for 15 proceedingss and the membrane was arranged in the consecutive order i.e. foremost the filter paper was placed on the home base so the gel was placed on the top of the filter paper so the membrane was placed on the gel.

Then the filter paper was placed on the membrane so the bay was placed on the filter paper.Then the membrane was removed carefully by utilizing the forceps and was placed on the top of the blotting paper.Then the gel armored combat vehicle was filled with transportation buffer and put the transportation unit into the transportation buffer and a little magnetic scaremonger was placed into the armored combat vehicle, so the ice block was placed in the chamber to avoid unit warming and the unit was placed in the magnetic scaremonger so it was connected to the power supply at 30mA.After reassigning the power supply was switched off, gel and the membrane was removed.Then the gel was stained with comassie blue for 5-10 proceedingss so it was kept in the destaining solution for 15 proceedingss each on the shaker so the protein sets were transferred from the gel into the membrane so the destaining solution was drain out and gel was kept in the electric refrigerator. Then tha PVDF membrane was marked at the upper left cornerThe membrane was stained with ponceau solution for few proceedingss which was on the shaker until the sets were seen on the membrane. Then the ponceau solution was put back into the bottle and the membrane was washed with deionised H2o.


Then the protein edifice sites that were non occupied on the PVDF membrane was blocked with 1 % milk in TBS on the shaker for 15-20 minutes.

Then the barricading buffer was discarded. Then the primary antibody was prepared by the dilution of it in 1-TBS with a minimal use of antibody.It was placed on shaker for 2 hours at room temperature so the primary antibody was poured out and the membrane was washed with 1-TBS.Then the secondary antibody was prepared by the dilution of it in 1-TBS for each antibody.

The secondary antibody was incubated for 45-60 proceedingss with PVDF membrane at room temperature on the shaker.Then the secondary antibody was poures and was washed with 1-TBS for 5 proceedingss.

Preparation and sensing:

The bench has been wet and the cling movie placed on the bench tightly to avoid the formation of air bubbles.Then the cling movie was placed on the membrane and extra H2O was blotted but the membrane should non be dried.


First twenty-four hours of immunohistochemistry

The slides were washed with TBS one clip for 5 proceedingss. Then the slide was washed with 0.

3 % H2O2 in methyl alcohol and was once more washed with TBS thrice for 5 proceedingss and was with lubricating oil pen.Then it was blocked with milk which contained 0.5g of milk,10µl of Triton and 10ml of TBS for an hour.Then 1 & A ; deg ; Ab was prepared which contained 1µl Ab and 499µl of TBS and its concentration was made up to 1:500.

Then the slides were placed in the humidified chamber for a dark.

Second twenty-four hours ;

The milk was removed with 1 & A ; deg ; Ab and washed thrice with TBS for 5 proceedingss. It was blocked with milk 0.5g and 10 milliliter of TBS for 30 proceedingss. 2 & A ; deg ; Ab was prepared and diluted with 50? Ab +50 ? TBS 2 beads of 2 & A ; deg ; Ab was put on each solution and was placed on bench for 1 hr.

Third twenty-four hours:

the slide was washed thrice for 5 proceedingss with TBS.DAB was prepared by doing up the concentrations of 1 % nickel sulfate, 1 % Co chloride/ nickel 300? cobalt 300?,0.

3 % H2O2 20-+100TBS, DAB 50?+50? TBS.All these were assorted and 2-3 beads were put on each slide. The reaction was watched and it should be left for at least 25 proceedingss. The slide was washed thrice with TBS for 5 proceedingss and left on the bench for nightlong. The slides were dipped in H2O for 1 minute. Again the slides were dipped in intoxicant in a series up to 50 % , 70 % , 80 % , 90 % , 95 % and 100 % and once more the slides were dipped for 10 proceedingss in histoclear.

The slides were placed on the paper towel and 2 beads of DPX was placed on each subdivision. Then it was covered with cover faux pass and the slides were left to dry for nightlong.


When the mice was treated with MPTP the CDK5 activity was more in substantia nigger compacta, compared to the controlled mice.

By handling the mice with flavofiridol are observed that there was no addition in substantia nigger by this we can presume the activity of the CDK5 is reduced by flavofiridol due to which the loss of nerve cells does non happen. By utilizing the above techniques Western blotting and Immunohistochemistry we can place the protein degree and its activity in the substantia nigra compacta.



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