A Wealthy Donor Essay

I am writing to you today to let you know of my opinion.

i think that if you are planing to build a new facility of the young, it should be a swimming pool. This whole letter will talk about reasons why it should be a swimming pool. i could of chosen a theater which is nice, a skateboard park but not all kids know how to skate, or even the art school. but i know this is the best choice of picking the swimming pool. It should be a swimming pool because i seen a lot of kids in hot sunny days that die to have a nice cool pool to get in to.

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Some kids go to family members or friends houses to get into pools since its to hot. other kids like some of my close friends and family members get wet with the hoes. since they have no other way to enjoy. the swimming pool is also nice to do bbq, parties, and just to spend a nice day with the family. You could see around that when a kid is in a pool they enjoy it splashing water having swimming races. and even adults to could enjoy this.

Them to when they get into a pool they forget that there adults and act like little kids and if they have kids its more fun. wimming pools are almost like the beach, but there to far to go to. but the good thing about a pool is that you can do different depth for them. there could be shallow ones for the little kids and medium for the big kids and really deep one for the teens. Pools are also a good place to learn how to swim. And a good thing is that you don’t have that salty water going into your face, and the waves that don’t let you swim good or stand up.

also you can’t go in that deep because the lifeguards don’t let you.There are lots of activities and toys you can get for the pool. A swimming pool is just a good way to get refreshed and to enjoy a nice hot sunny day. In conclusion, the swimming pool is fun to have.

This is the new facility that you should do. I gave you all the reasons that i can give you. And if i think of more ill write you another letter.

A swimming pool its just a good way to spent a day relaxing and getting refreshed. am a teen i know what am telling you that you would not regret doing the swimming pool.


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