A that researchers such as Ethan Lewis,

A immigrant is defined as a person coming to live permanently in a foreign country.

Immigrants were brought to a foreign country by their parents, some even as toddlers. Some immigrants only know English as a language. Immigrants don’t even know they are undocumented until applying for a driver’s license, college and a job. Immigrants come to the United States to receive a better economic opportunity, that creates a better living for their family. Immigration today is one of the most talked about topic. Today, immigrants play a huge role in the United States, adding trillions of dollars to United States production. Immigrants bring a positive aspect to United States economy and society.

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According to CAP Immigration team and Michael Nicholson, The facts  on Immigration Today explains, that researchers such as Ethan Lewis, Madeleine Sumption, and Will Somerville notices that Immigrants have different work ethics which causes them to be proactive on a daily basis sometimes including holidays and weekends. Immigrants never try to fight or show off to Americans but that they are always trying complement the work of Americans. In 2012, former President Obama created a program called DACA that was meant  for Dreamers. Today, it is known for Americans to call Illegal Immigrants Dreamers, just like Americans are identified as Americans, immigrants were given the nickname “Dreamers”.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals the purpose of this program is protecting “illegal immigrants” from deportation. Not only does DACA protect immigrants from deportation but gives immigrants a working permit. This program also allows Dreamers to eventually get a driver’s license, a better living and even being able to apply to college.

DACA is good up to two years and must be renewed, to protect immigrants from deportation. Today, Dreamers are what makes up the United States, immigrants are Americans at heart. DACA today defines immigrants, for example, the success rate for students that are apart of DACA is high, it describes some of the smartest boys and girls. In September, trump and his administration was going to cancel DACA, causing  more than 700,000 people to be in danger. Dreamers and the president of the United States and his administration are involved in this heartbreaking news that could ruin so many young children and families. However, Trump stepped aside and gave Congress the chance to save it, later Trump tweeted saying, “Does anyone really wanna throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military.” Following this tweet the White House later sends out a list of things that they wanted to get done in order to save any immigrants. The list consisted of wanting tougher border security and immigration enforcement causing it to be harder for immigrants to cross illegally.

Another priority that was asked for is money for Trump’s border wall. This priority stood out to many Americans, eventually causing controversy with the Americans that agree with the wall and with the Americans that don’t agree with the wall. Furthermore, the social debate is should the United States build the wall and should we end DACA? One of the most topics talked about and controversies today is race and class. Openstax author of Introduction to Sociology explains, race as a social category based on real or perceived biological differences between people and groups. Thirty percent of  the United States population is made up by the middle class and working class.

Throughout the history of the United States and research Americans realize that most of the immigrants that migrate to the United States are here for better jobs and better wages. However, the upper class plays a huge role in why hispanics are treated differently from Asians, Europeans and Germans immigrants.The middle class believes that DACA shouldn’t end, DACA benefits those children and parents that came to the U.S.

for better opportunities and stronger argue that they aren’t doing anything wrong but receiving some of the best education and are working. According to Openstax, author of the book Introduction to Sociology , defines structural functionalism as a family facilitates economic production, socialization of children, instrumental and emotional support, and sexual control. An example of structural functionalism is the contribution that immigrants bring to the United States economy. Immigrants come to the United States for better opportunities and are willing to work and bring in money for their families, but they didn’t sign up to be degraded or belittled. With different perspectives and views in the United States, society today isn’t capable of figuring out if immigrant’s bring negative or a positive environment to the United States.

However one of the positive aspects immigrants bring to the United States is their impact on social cohesion in the workplace. Through the process of structural functionalist sociologist Edwin Lemert identified labeling theory, which is those in power who are able to determine something or someone. Labeling theory plays a role in structural functionalism being American people that are in power are capable of labeling and identifying immigrants by their looks and color.

Today in the United States or any foreign Country where an immigrant comes to live illegally causes a conflict. Second, conflict theory is described as, family structure perpetuates inequality of gender roles. To further describe the Conflict Theory it is basically power and domination. In a sociology perspective the Conflict Theory in my paper is the conflict between Americans and Immigrants. Donald Trump is the President of the United States, representing Americans. Students, parents, and even infants that are living in a foreign Country are described as Immigrants are represented by DACA.

The Conflict theory also involves the power elite which is a small group of wealthy politicians, celebrities, military leaders, and even executives at the top of our society that hold power. Basically, those that are in power are capable of making laws that will benefit them which explains Trump and his wall. Third, symbolic interactionism is identified as, family relations are created and maintained in the interaction rather than in any abstract structure. Symbolic interactionism in a sociology perspective can be related to the term “illegal immigrant”, today if you go around asking Americans what or who an illegal immigrant is they describe an illegal immigrant as an hispanic man that does hardcore work that crossed the border illegally. Stereotyping is what fellow Americans do today.

An illegal immigrant isnt only from Mexico or is hispanic and a farmer, other illegal immigrants can be from Europe, Asia, or even Germany. Whereas, if you as an American who an immigrant is people will not identify college students that are living in the United States illegal, or even Asians that are living in the United States on a visa immigrants. Immigrants are identified by fellow Americans by their race, ethnicity, culture and language.DACA and the illegal Immigrants of the United States today will continue to be one of the most talked about issues. Whether it is positive or negative effects, the upper class with always have a say and continue to have power that is dominant over the lower working class.

Through a sociology perspective when you break down theories you are able to see the true colors of certain Americans, that in any issue there will always be two sides. As we learned in lecture about gender, race, culture, and family you learn about others views and perspectives for example, the main value of why someone has power over certain people if there economic class and how they are identified. If someone has money and can buy someone or something out people will choose that person over a low working class.


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