a.) sure to mentor and guide interested

a.)  Createscoherence and aligns practice b.) Focuses on student learning c.) Reinforcesbest instructional practices d.

) Provides potential for collaboration e.)Escalates the critical thinking ability of students. f.) Increases the interestof student by providing hands on real world training experience.

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Instructor Roles in ExperientialLearningIn experiential learning, theinstructor guides rather than directs the learning process where students arenaturally interested in learning. In this scenario various instructors makesure to mentor and guide interested candidates only, which will become a win –win situation for both of them in future state.Student consulting basedExperiential Learning (Remedy)Qualities of experiential learning are those in which studentsdecide themselves to be personally involved in the learning experience. Studentswill be involved in problems which are practical, social and personal ratherthan theoretical. Students often will need to be involved with problematic andchallenging situations while discovering the solutions.  Furthermore they will be able to self-evaluatetheir own development or success in the learning process which becomes the primemeans of assessment.

This change includes less support on the instructor andmore on fellow peers and the ability to quantitatively self-evaluate one’sperformance. Experiential learning experiences provide students to completetheir personal goals and preferred careers which further reinforce their courseand theory more conceptually. Furthermore it also endorses and sustain studentacademic success.

Through these phases the students develop communication,networking, confidence, risk mitigation, leadership and decision making skillsby practicing, analyzing and implementing it which will ultimately solve realtime industry level problem and processes. The Experiential Learning throughStudent Consulting Practice will provide “opportunities for undergraduate andgraduate students to engage in hands-on learning.


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