A Significant Misunderstanding Essay

I once had a significant misunderstanding, and it ended a relationship I didn’t want to end, but some of me thinks it was suppose to happen. So most people at my age have a Myspace profiles, so like them I do have a Myspace. Myspace is place where I can chat with friends and write some of my poems. But EVERY person’s Myspace has a password, that no one else knows.

But someone knew mine, when I didn’t know they knew it. My relationship was going up and down a hill these days. Somehow I knew it wouldn’t last more longer, but I didn’t want to end it because he made me so happy.I don’t know if I ever made him happy, but he would always smile around me… so I don’t know. Since our relationship wasn’t going that good he rarely called me, but it would always make me nervous when he called, but this week was starting to get strange because he had been asking me ‘Do you want to break-up? ‘, every time he’d call me.

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This got me thinking about how I really felt for him and that life has to go on when we aren’t together, I would surely cry, but not beg, because I think that no guy is worth that, even if you love him.But anyway, that night I had went on Myspace to just chat with friends for a few minutes, then I got off because I was bored and because I had homework to do. Hour or so had passed That’s when I got the call from him. “Hey, what’s up? ” He quickly asked as always.

“Eh… Nothing. ” I said with a eerily feelings.

“So why didn’t you answer earlier? ” He asked. I was confused I didn’t hear my phone ring one of my favorite songs by Pierce The Veil play. I looked at my missed calls and the number surprised me as if I had missed a funeral.”Why did you call so many times?! ” I asked instead of answering his question. Because I have something to tell you…

” I heard him say as he trailed off. “What? ” I knew my voice was shaken and it sounded weak, because honestly I knew somehow and somewhat something like this would happen soon. “Well, your Myspace says you’re single and you took me off as a Top Friends. ” He said in mad voice. I didn’t know what he was talking about because I had not done that.

“What? I didn’t do that. ” I said stern. It was quiet on the other end of call. “You don’t believe me?! ” I asked very sad. “No. Well..

. I’m going to help you on being single. ” He said, then hung up.

**** Honestly, you probably know what happened next. Let’s just say I ended up feeling confused and numb. The truth is whenever something bad happens to me, I don’t feel the pain until later. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just me. I might just get it from my dad.

The thing is, too, I don’t like crying because it never helps and I’m getting to old for it. I might cry sometimes, but that’s when the numbness has wore off. But what I didn’t get was who had put my status as single and who took him off as a Top Friend. And why he would break-up with me for a stupid reason. *****When I went to school the next day I was hearing a bunch of rumors about him dumping me for another girl, or him cheating on me, and not liking me any more. These rumors were killing me inside as I tried to stay cool from the outside. I could not cry, I just couldn’t. Not for a stupid guy.

I had to stay cool as possible. All these rumors made me think about what he meant to me, again. All the fun we had hanging out with our friends and ourselves. Especially, all the little secrets we shared together. But, at the end, even if the rumors were true or not. I, at the end, choice not to listen and to forget him.

..Well, at least try to forget him. I still see him around-and I try to hold tears-, but I can see he’s happy, so why shouldn’t I? In my significant misunderstanding, I learned a lot, even if I got heart broken. But don’t you learn by things like that? I think so.

He might have hurt me a lot at the end, but I will still remember how we started in the beginning. Plus, I know I will get over him, and then find someone else in my life. There’s a person for everybody in the world, you just have to look a lot. P. S I still don’t know who hacked my Myspace, but it hasn’t happened any more these days.

.. Hopefully, it will never be hacked, again.


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