A sign of rebirth Essay

The palace and its lands,Once filled with the laughter of the kids ;The sky and the hayfields,Once filled with the refreshing and unagitated air currents.Now the palace and its lands,Were down to ruins ;Children ‘s Laughter were turned to Cries,The sky and the hayfield became sunglassess of Grey.Everything was dark and solemn,No faces were happy or bright ;What have conveying Forth,To the one time call our place.

Sudden, the rain pours,Onto our fatherland ;Everyone in the lands,Looked up and a sudden alteration occurred.The dark solemn faces of the people ;The dark sunglassess of the hayfields and the sky,The kids so get down to play in the rain.The rain seem to hold washed off,A mere rain that autumn from the sky,That washed off and allow everyone get down anew ;Some may state the rain accompanies unhappiness,I would state it is a mark of metempsychosis.

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Poetry Analysis:

The poesy is written from the point of position of one of the victims at war in a far-off land. The clip, epoch and topographic point where the poesy takes topographic point were insignificance to the chief point of the verse form.

Rain, for many old ages was used as a mark of unhappiness, solitariness, loss of hope, depression and even decease. But in this poesy, the rain is wholly the antonym of the common significance of rain as the rain is portrayed as a mark of metempsychosis, a revolution and a new beginning in this poesy. The rain in the poesy symbolises the cryings of Eden that wash off all the darkness and unhappiness of the lands and convey back birthrate, joy and marks of hope to the victims of war. In the first poetry which is in the yesteryear, “ The palace and its land ” give readers an image of a castle standing tall in a little land as it is encompasses by “ The sky and the hayfields ” .

From the two poetries, we can besides see that peace and composure were shown to be in the land in the yesteryear as “ The laugher of kids ” and the “ bracing composure air currents ” are present in its lands. In the 2nd poetry, it goes back to the present, stating how war can lay waste to a beautiful land into ruins, how war makes the sky looks dull and Grey and the disappearing of the laughter of the kids. War for many centuries have taken off many, many lands making catastrophe to guiltless civilisations and kids, even though everyone has the same ideal of holding peace, but it ne’er seems to be that manner for people are avaricious towards power. In the 2nd poetry, the word “ Grey ” symbolises the mediate of light and dark as the people are gone astray from their tract and way in war, they would non cognize what was right and what was incorrect, even in their eyes, people of their ain sort and people that they used to play with become enemies. In the 3rd poetry, it continues speaking about how war changes the people from their original nature to a wild and ferine nature which instantly changes the whole civilisation and their beliefs wholly, and it besides seems the people of war has besides started to bury their egos and their fatherlands. In the 4th poetry, the rain comes in which besides represents the mark of hope, metempsychosis and development to the people and the lands. In this poetry, the people of the lands were looking up towards the sky where the rain falls, moving as a new vision in their lives.

In the 5th poetry, the rain becomes pure and clear H2O that washes off all the darkness, fright and harmful ideas of the people, conveying back the viridity from the ruins, the laughter of the kids and the clear faces of the people. Even though a rain can be seen as a normal phenomenon, it changed and gives the people in the lands a new start and a new beginning towards making a new history. Indeed, a mark of metempsychosis.

Personal Review

This is something that people should truly read for the history ever repeats itself, wars that were from century ago are emerging in the present clip right now. In this poesy, people might believe that it is merely about a land but truly it symbolises the whole universe for wars are ever the same and it destroy households, places and the original nature of the people. I believe this is an of import issue as good since the universe is altering a batch and people are non to the full understood with the precedence of the universe whether the universe is in precedence or the power, money and land is in precedence. Other than that, I believe that the analysis should demo more emotion and feelings into it, conveying the readers to understand the feeling of war more on a higher graduated table.

Personal Narrative – Christmas Party

“ I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a gay Christmas ; I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new twelvemonth…

” the vocal of Christmas still pealing in my ear, conveying back memories of my Christmas Celebration this twelvemonth. Now, I would state the narrative of how our household celebrated one of the most fantastic yearss in winter — – Yule.Even on the twenty-fifth December, everything seems to be the same in Malaysia. Nothing seems to be different at all, merely there were more autos in composites and people are going a batch more than usual, traveling back place to see their parents, going to other states for Christmas.

But, our house were highly different as winter decorations, caribous lightings, little bungalows, snow sprayed Windowss and standing tall a white Christmas tree were decorated around the house. We covered the decorations with metric tons of snow spray, giving the house a whole winter wonderland feeling. After hours and yearss of readying we are eventually ready to acquire the party started. Many people came to our Christmas party and we are lucky that we ordered plenty nutrient for the people as gingerbread houses ; cookies, pudding, Meleagris gallopavo and ice-cream are all present on the really dark. Everyone seems to be basking themselves, eating, clicking off with their friends and household as my household and I go around the houses recognizing and doing certain that the invitees feel every bit comfy as they can.At around the late eventide, a buffoon came to our house. My ma suggested that to guarantee the kids that were go toing our Christmas party with their parents does non experience world-weary and tired. The buffoon was reasonably much mean to me as he passed me a chapfallen balloon, this made all the kids laugh, even though I was reasonably much embarrassed myself, I laughed with the kids.

The buffoon did many fast ones and played games and the kids truly enjoyed themselves. The most exciting minute the kids have from the thaumaturgy show is when the buffoon turned documents into confects which made all the childs shriek in their high voices as they run and grab confects on the land. After everything seems to be unagitated once more, shrieks and laughter of the kids seem to emerge once more as the endowing event started. Our household was so used to merely giving kids present that interchanging nowadayss was ne’er in our head. We passed out nowadayss to the kids harmonizing to their age degrees and genders trusting that the present will be suited for the kids. When the nowadayss are all given off, everything was one time once more peaceable.

As I was merely sitting down chilling with a cup of tea, there was a sudden pat on my shoulder. I was shocked that one of the child ‘s parents were standing at that place and stating me that their kid did non have a present ; I was shocked since we made certain that everyone got one. The kid seems to be shouting a batch, for every other kid gets a present except her. I told them to wait for a minute as I went back indoors for a Santa chapeau, I gave the Santa chapeau to her and she started smiling once more. Even though it was merely a chapeau, it certainly made a kid happy, and I was really glad that I passed down the Christmas Spirit to everyone.Time flows by so rapidly, and it was already half past 12. The invitees bid farewell to us as we send our salutations and respects to their households. I helped my ma with the cleaning up of the house and we sat down at our really Christmas tree vocalizing and exchange narratives to each other.

When we are all tired and done, the sound of the wireless came up with “ I wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new twelvemonth. ” I wished that everyone remembers the true significance of Christmas while basking the minutes of Christmas. Merry Christmas!Personal Review: Everyone have different sort of jubilations of Christmas, some may hold went outposts looking at other state ‘s Christmas lighting and the feel of Christmas in their state, some may besides merely observe within a household, interchanging gifts with each other and some might besides observe Christmas with everyone. Christmas has been a really common event for everyone in the universe where Christmas trees are decorated with decorations and a star on the top, stockings on fire topographic points trusting for a gift from Santa and many more. I would wish to portion my Christmas jubilation with everyone since I truly loved the manner my household has ever celebrated Christmas, demoing true Christmas spirit as we portion our Christmas twenty-four hours with our households and friends. I am really happy to demo everyone the manner my household celebrated Christmas this twelvemonth.

Performance Critique – A charity Concert

Musical Performance – by immature talented kidsSinging, playing the piano, the fiddle, solosGreat public presentation, and it is besides good title.

During the winter interruption, I attended a charity concert with my household. The concert was performed by a music association so they could raise financess for an orphanhood nearby their vicinity.

Journal 12 Reflection- Beauty

Beautiful, what is being beautiful? Many would reply being 5’6 pes tall with no flab at all and skinny, long legs is being beautiful.

Something like, being a theoretical account figure. Think what? You are all incorrect, because non holding a exemplary figure does non do you ugly, horrid or what other words you use to compare yourself to theoretical accounts in adolescent magazines. I believe that everyone in the universe are beautiful, everyone in the universe are alone and has their ain manner of beauty. I can see beauty in nature ; I can beauty in my female parent ‘s eyes full with cheeriness and full of thought even though no make-ups were done.

I can see beauty in nature when a female parent bird feeds its babes, the Sun puting into the mountains ; and the beauty in words that withholds many significances. Every individual bantam thing in the universe is beautiful, and the most beautiful thing in the universe I believe is interior beauty. No, it does non intend holding a perfect musculus or skeletal system, but your personality and what people think about you.

There are many different types of people, people can be sort to others and caring for others, heartening people up with their sense of temper, though they are besides people that are average and do injury to others. I have met many people that believe that they would necessitate a plastic surgery when they grow up merely with the ground “ I am non reasonably adequate ” , “ I wish to be taller and skinnier ” and all kinds of grounds. This truly makes me highly annoyed, though I ne’er seem to demo it. I believe that altering what you look like seems to be denying the birth of your parents to you, since every portion of your organic structure and every characteristic and traits you have are all influence by your parents, altering things that your parents give it to you seems to experience like bewraying your parent ‘s difficult work and gifts.

Unless if you are born disableds that would be a different narrative, since parents would trust their kid to hold a complete figure every bit good.Though, I believe that the teens and even grownups now a yearss, wished to look like famous persons in telecasting shows. Honestly, I think that the media is besides one of the causes that made their audience feel bad for themselves for non holding a perfect figure or a ‘perfect expression ‘ . The media than utilizations this advantage and made people experience even worst about themselves and get down introducing merchandises that can ‘change ‘ their expressions.

In world, this merchandise does non merely harm your organic structure but besides does nil to ‘change ‘ you into a perfect figure. Even though, many people know about this fact, they would still go on swearing the media in believing that they can be prettier and more beautiful in individual.I believe everyone in the universe is beautiful, so stop staring at the mirrors all twenty-four hours long and get down holding some assurance in your ain egos. Peoples, stand up and walk to the nearest mirror now and say “ I am beautiful in my ain manner! ” Believe in yourself!Personal Review: In world, I have seen many instances of stating “ I am ugly and useless ” . It makes me inquire why people would look down at themselves when no 1 is making so.

I would wish to portion this with you, since most teens are non satisfy with their expressions and ever wished to hold an hour-glass figure or an athlete figure. I believe that a small confident and a small extremum in the world can convey many people to love themselves even more.


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